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The joy of leveling

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on November 19, 2008 by Natarumah

spell_shadow_evileyeI have managed to scrape myself halfway level 75 now, almost up to the much-anticipated AoE we were promised… The leveling process itself is fairly quick and painless; Blizzard has obviously learned a great deal from questing in TBC and the starting areas of the Draenei and Blood Elves; quest hubs don’t send you halfway across the continent usually, the quests are varied and linked, and most importantly: they give bejeezusloads of XP.

Borean Tundra behind me and the Howling Fjord left for greener pastures, I have now focused my sights on completing the Grizzled Hills and Dragonblight. Both have interesting quest lines, from meeting your future self to escaping from rabid Worgen to using a big gun to destroy ghouls in an embattled crypt.

My tradeskills languish a bit, but the good old Northrend Cloth Scavenging skill does not fail me; I managed to make some nice threads for my Druid alt, and fishing and the total destruction of plant life has awarded a treasure trove of Crystallized Life and Water, to fuel my enchanting and tailoring skill.

Still, the lure of level 80 is strong, and I don’t take quite as much time as I probably should to enjoy the sceneries and the intricacy of the story. It is there, make no mistake. The epic tales of the Forgotten ones, the Infinite Dragonflight and the true motivating power of the Scourge weave themselves slowly into the quests and make you feel heroic as a player.

Only the lag and the player competition on quest objectives throws a shadow on Wrath, all else is sunshine filtered through chilly morning mists.

Take care and enjoy the road to heroism!

Wrath comes, my wishes remain

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 10, 2008 by Natarumah

spell_shadow_spectralsightOnly a few days before Wrath of the Lich King hits the shelves. I am already anticipating the streams of people rushing themselves to 80 so that they can be the first. Even so, I look back at TBC, and think about all the things I recently did and wanted to do.

You see, when I hit 70, I had a very concrete wishlist. I wanted to raid, and I wanted to have some cool-looking threads. However, things have changed when my knowledge grew and my access to raids increased.

My guild’s now raiding Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Even though it’s all nerfed and we are not “hardcore”, I am pretty happy we got this far. You see, this is still practice. It’s still teamwork. And all of this will see repeats in Wrath as well, I am sure.

Due to the fact that some in our guild never performed the old MH/BT attunement, we managed to get all of that done last week. People said it was not needed, and to leave it. Better focus on what comes in Wrath. Yet, the rewards we reap are sweet, because in doing so we did earn the Hand of A’dal title.

Yep, as long as you have the old Vials of Eternity quest in your log, and have progressed to around the point in the BT questline where you get quests from Akama, there is a good chance that the quest system tells you that you are not eligible for the “new” A Distraction for Akama quest, and instead gives you the old one.

And that one awards a title. We were all giddy inside, like mushrooms under LSD-soaked rain.

Anyway, now the next thing on my list will be to get a full set of Tier 6 (In my opinion the most smexy set designed by Blizzard for priests). People tell me it is not useful. Better to focus on Wrath.

Like last time, I will ignore that. Because if nothing else, if I ever quit raiding, and I am bored to tears…I can still look at that set and keep to the memories of the old raids. Just like I am now one Molten Core run away (hopefully) of getting my hands on Anathema. For no reason. Just to have it.

So, what are your wishes? What do you want to claim still in TBC and keep through Wrath?

Why I love Shadowpriests…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on August 31, 2008 by Natarumah

In order to focus on the positive, we will interrupt our ranting concerning the new changes with a bit of affirmative action. Let’s face it, there is a reason we are playing Shadowpriests, so I decided it was time to get that out on the table. ^_^

I love shadowpriests…

  • Because no other class I know has a direct link between DPS and Utility to the raid; effort equals usefulness.
  • Because Shadowform masks any weird gear I might acquire in my travels, and still make me look bad-ass.
  • Because all my spells are Shadow spells, so I can focus on one damage type.
  • Because our community consists of theorycrafters and mass-cynicists. Sarcasm and dark humor are prerequisites for our class.
  • Because we stick to our beliefs, even when we get nerfed. And, because we stay cautiously positive when we get buffed.
  • Because I get greeted with cheers when I arrive, and tears when I leave. I feel useful and appreciated.
  • Because my Shadowfiend may be an ugly sucker, but it’s the best friend to have.
  • Because the higher our tier gear, the better we look.
  • Because our raids know we have very specific gear requirements, so our raid members graciously pass in the knowledge we would pass the rest to them.
  • Because we are an easy class to learn, but a difficult class to master.
  • Because our PvP sets look more than half-decent.
  • Because when we do manage to get a few shots in at our battleground, we rain pwnage on their parade.
  • Because no matter what, people still take us to arenas (but sporadically).
  • Because we have a solid focus in Roleplaying, and can blame a higher power for our actions.
  • Because until Warlocks get their demon form, we still have the only transformation that really counts (except perhaps Tree druids. I always get happy when I see them).
  • Because we may not have good synergy with our gear, but we form an unholy trinity with Protection paladins and Restoration Druids.
  • Because we are the enrage timer.

So there you have it, the reasons I have to play a Shadowpriest. Natarumah will always be my main, whether we get buffed through the roof or nerfed to the ground.

Attack us, we retaliate. Burn us and we heal up. Make us feel bad and we make you feel worse. Never give up, never surrender. For we are Shadowpriests, and we are the only Specc who is almost seen as a different class compared to our other priest brethren.

Take heart, fellow Shadowpriests. Our expansion will come!


Debuffs made easy – Blizzard’s way out

Posted in Raids and Instances, Uncategorized with tags , , on August 29, 2008 by Natarumah

So let’s face it, with a 10th class coming, the number of debuff slots on the raid targets will be immense, so what is Blizzard to do? Increase the cap on the number of buffs you can place on the target?

No, instead they folded the existing debuffs into thirty-something categories and made it so that of a debuff of a certain kind, only the strongest is active.

That should not be too bad, except that I feel some seriously bad thinking went into certain categories…for example, the Tree of Life’s aura of the restoration Druid is in the same category as the Improved Devotion Aura of the Paladin.

Here are the most relevant changes for Shadowpriests:

  • Increased Spell Hit Chance Taken Debuff: Improved Faerie Fire, Misery
  • Stamina Buff: Power Word: Fortitude

But wait!

In addition to this change, we also needed to address the “mana battery” roles in a raid. The mana regeneration effect they grant is no longer limited to their own party, and it no longer depends on the amount of damage they deal. Each time they trigger the mana regeneration effect, 10 people in their raid group will receive a buff which causes them to regenerate 0.5% of their maximum mana each second. This buff, Replenishment, will be given preferentially to raid members with the lowest mana, but will re-evaluate which raid members receive it each time it is fired. Replenishment is provided by Shadow Priests, Survival Hunters, and Retribution Paladins.

Let me repeat that:

Each time they trigger the mana regeneration effect, 10 people in their raid group will receive a buff which causes them to regenerate 0.5% of their maximum mana each second.

0.5% of maximum mana per trigger? Let’s do some maths.

Assuming my spells (VT and SW:P) tick per 3 seconds, this means 40 procs per minute from these spells alone. This is 20% of maximum mana over a minute, or 3.3% of max mana per 5 seconds. If my raid member has 10,000 mana, this means that 1% of his maximum mana is 100 mana.

So we effectively regenerate 330 MP/5 for up to 10 raid members who are replenished, with priority given to the person with lowest mana. From nothing but VT and SW:P.

This is actually not so bad, and if you check my earlier post on the subject of the content patch and the maths, you’ll notice a startling equivalence here. The good thing is, because the replenishment of mana would be bashed on Procs per Minute (PPM) this means that all we have to do from now on is spam as many spells as we can on the target to achieve maximum mana regen >.<

The wording of the spell could, however also be interpreted as “regenerates mana whenever VT deals damage”. If this is the truth, we are in deep Kodo Doodoo. Why? Well…

As a DoT, Vampiric Touch ticks once every 3 seconds. That is 20 ticks per minute, or 6 triggers per 5 seconds (which we need to get to our MP/5 rating). Assuming a 100% DoT uptime, that is.

This means that we will regenerate 3% of maximum mana per 5 seconds. If a mana pool is 10,000 mana that equates to 300 MP/5

We’ll have to see how the new VT looks, and redo the maths appropriately of course.

On the flip side, our Misery buff goes from wicked (5% extra spell damage taken by target) to lacklustre (+3% spell hit on target). I don’t see myself being welcomed in raids for the latter, really. Especially with the normalization of Hit Rating to require 9%, and the fact that I would severely berate a person who shows up at a raid 3% below Hit Cap. Worthless, in my opinion.

Also, our Shadow Weaving (+10% shadow damage) becomes self-only, as does the Warlock’s Improved Shadowbolt (Shadowbolt Crits on the target cause the target to take more Shadow damage for X charges). This means that multiple Shadowpriests will not be able to keep each other’s Shadow Weaving up, and that we no longer support Shadow-specced warlocks (and they do not support us).

The destruction of this glass-house structure of interdependent classes and damage modifiers means that we have in one fell swoop been denied the entire boost in DPS that we gained from the changes in talents and spells, as well as having lost a huge chunk of raid viability.

We’re back to square 1 people, welcome to The Burning Crusade.

Motivational endeavours

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2008 by Natarumah

All right, it’s one of those days at work again, and that means it’s time to spruce up the old motivational posters. Granted, I am not the most brilliant at creating them, but it’s about the fun you have while doing it. Also, I have started work on designing a blogsite logo, which should keep me occupied over the rest of the week.

There are still plenty of things going on to write about, so expect posts and updates soon!


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