Come to the dark side, we have mana…

“Hello everybody, my name is Natarumah, and I am a Shadowpriest.”

I am surrounded with greetings, pats on the shoulder and grunting noises of senior members of the group at the back. And before you are thinking that I was at an FA (Facemelters Anonymous) convention, it was actually what happened when I joined my first guild.

A long time I had dismissed priests as weak and squishy, only good to stand at the back and heal. Of course, that was also the time I used my warrior to tank with fury talents, and was desperately trying to get my level 30 druid to kill mobs in Feralas. I was new, the game was shiny, and I was an absolute beginner.

But having my plated backside handed to me by priests in the battlegrounds once too often led me to research this strange phenomenon. Was I not supposed to be the most badass fighter around? What I discovered disturbed me – they were priests, they melted faces, and they were legion.

And so, when the Burning Crusade came to our neighbourhood, I wanted to try a priest myself. She was Draenei, and she was shadow.

All fell into place.

And it was good.

What you see before you now is our journey into darkness, where I will await with my single pale lantern, and try to guide others along this path.

I may not be the best writer, the best shadowpriest, or the best at PvP.

But you bet your sweet behind I am trying.


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