Zul’jin down!

After what seemed to be hours of endless wipes below 10%, we finally managed to down the lord of Zul’Aman! We had been wiping on 3% and even 1% before, so it was exciting to finally get him down and bask in the glory of having first completed all of Zul’Aman.

Usually we clear the first 4 bosses on one evening (getting 1-2 chests on average) and then spend another evening focusing on Hexlord Malacrass and Zul’jin (whose stubborn determination not to die easily prevents us from calling the place on farm).

I managed to snag me the Loop of Cursed Bones for my haste set.

One of our hunters ran off giggling with the Berserker’s Call.

Our main worry in the beginning was surviving the Claw Rage in Zul’jin’s Lynx phase, but the healers were exceptionally on the mark, which helped greatly in keeping as much DPS on him as possible during his Dragonhawk phase. Thanks to the old adage of “don’t stand in the fire”, enough of us managed to keep the bead on him for the curtains to close on the last act.


3 Responses to “Zul’jin down!”

  1. Yaysaga! *waves a little saga flag*

  2. It was unbelievable! “can’t stop smiling” After the frustration on whiping at 3 and even 1%, the feeling of killing ZJ was amazing. I’m still floating!!!

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