The vengeance of Elune – Night Elves

When engaging in roleplay as a priest, we are often limited in more ways than most other classes. After all, Night Elves worship Elune, and a very well documented section of lore details her religion, priesthood and her allies. How do Shadowpriests fit in with this lore? Well, there are a few assumptions and simple plot ideas below, which can be used to flesh out your character’s background.

Even though I describe Night Elf priests as female (which they traditionally all have been), the changing times now allow males the opportunity to join the priest caste. As such, the lore and plot ideas below apply to males and females alike.

Wardens, Night Elf Shadowpriests

“Elune and the moon, serene and enchanting. How she protected us through untold ages. But always take to heart that she swims in the sea as dark as night, and that her anger is a hundredfold more terrible than her beauty.”

While most of Elune’s favored servants belong to the Priestesses of the Moon, there are a few who follow a darker, more violent path. These dark Wardens, originally appointed to watch the imprisoned Illidan Stormrage, had been unswerving in their loyalty and devotion to their task under Maiev Shadowsong. However, with the escape of the Betrayer, the Wardens scattered across the world, attempting to piece together the Betrayer’s location, allies and powers. Even today, they continue to do so, hoping to capture and imprison him once again.

These Wardens, when their tasks become too consuming and their hatred rises to the limit, sometimes become living Spirits of Vengeance. Unrelenting and merciless, they now exist to inflict pain and suffering on any being that stands in their way – especially minions of the Burning Legion. Their forms become shadowy and indistinct, their voices like hollow echoes and razorblades. They become Shadowpriests.

Children of a darker time

But Wardens are not the only source from which the shadow’s power springs among Night Elves. Whe could forget the tragic tale of Natalia Mar’alith, wife of Command Mar’alith in Silithus. Captured by the Silithids, her mind was warped and twisted into a nightmarish hell, and she now lives to bring despair and suffering in name of her new god, C’Thun.

Sadly, it happens more often that members of other sentient races are trapped by the Silithids and thus converted. Such Shadowpriests are rare, however, and they are not suited for interaction with the outside world. They are deranged and demented, and would be exterminated by any thinking being they would encounter.

That said, what if a person escaped from Silithid capture, such as a Night Elf priestess, who had been caressed by the power of C’thun, but not yet converted?

It might be an interesting background for a Shadowpriest of Elune to have been marked by C’thun, haunted by nightmares and its attempts to mentally control the character, even as she attempts with all her heart to stay true to Elune’s worship. If only there was not this infernal anger, and this commanding voice in her head…

Maidens of the New Moon

Where the Priestesses of the Moon are compassionate and valorous hunters and protectors, not all Night Elves fully escaped the Hubris that damned the Highborne before. Steeped in secret hatred for being forced away from Arcane magic, unable to harness the Sunwell, and silenced out of fear of persecution, these unfortunate creatures may stoop to anything to fulfill their dream.

Some turn to infernal aid, often becoming corrupted slaves of the Burning Legion as their tall frames twist into the shape of a Satyr. But a few moderate their touch of darkness, and while seemingly worshiping Elune, manage to add a sharp edge to her rituals.

These “maidens of the New Moon” are insidious, slowly attempting to corrupt the rituals dedicated to Elune. Forging history and destroying unfavorable evidence, they hope to gather enough forces to separate from the “backwards” Kaldorei, and begin anew in the darkness.

So, here are some ideas as to the origins of Night Elf Shadowpriests from various angles. Feel free to drop your own ideas, and to check out the links for more info.


2 Responses to “The vengeance of Elune – Night Elves”

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  2. I roleplay my priestess as channeling the destructive power of Elune. It is stated in official lore that one aspect of Elune is the Night Warrior, in which she defends her people and destroys those who threaten them. In my view, Alyrial is wielding the very essence of Night against the enemies of her Goddess.

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