From mana battery to power company?

According to a recently set of published blue comments, it sees that the long-hoped for plans of raid stacking Shadowpriests has come true; we can however only quietly pray that we are not the only class left out of the raid-wide buff train (except rogues), and that these inspiring remarks become reality.

The good

If Shadowpriests now regenerate health and mana raid-wide, we can now be called the undisputed masters of raid powering, and our VE healing will be able to cope with the (supposedly) more raid-wide damage to be inflicted in Wrath of the Lich King. This will now also help us smooth damage to the main tank group, and, if we have a Protection Paladin working for us, finally regain him/her some mana too.

I don’t know about you, but the tanks with the blue rage bars should receive a lot of my vampiric sympathy, and yet I was always in the wrong group to provide it.

The bad

Raids will need less Shadowpriests; previously the progress guilds used 3-4 of us in order to power the healers and DPS groups. If we go raid-wide, the need for this will lessen somewhat; 1-2 will do. Plus, this post says that they expect the retribution Paladin to function in much the same way. So, prepare to lose a few of your Shadowpriest slots (and to Paladins, no less!).

The Ugly


Plain and simple, even with the inherent 30% threat reduction in Shadowform, the reduction in threat via talents, and enchants/trinkets…we will remain the same aggro-hogging monsters we have always been. For us, the Hand of Salvation ability that the Paladins will receive will be even better, because we need it all.


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  1. You’ve been added to my favorites list :)

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