Inscriptions in the new Beta Build

Well, it seems like the newest build of the WotLK beta has changed the workings of Inscription a bit. As it is a major new feature, I thought it would be a good idea to post a rundown of the current workings as posted on the WotLKWiki. Even though this means just revisiting information mined by others, it’s important enough that I want to get it posted here in case I need to reference to it later.


Inscription is a primary profession, just like Enchanting, Blacksmithing, etc. It’s accompanying gathering skill is Herbalism. Herbs gathered will play a large role in getting the raw materials required for your inscription needs. The current name for a practicioner of this profession is “scribe”, although I personally am a favorite of the old word “scrivener”.

Many recipes require Scribe’s Tools to use. Materials used in this profession go into a Scribe’s Satchel. Other materials for scrolls and glyphs are parchment. Below is a sample of vendor-available parchments, courtesy of wowwiki:


FIrst off, like with Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, Inscription allows you to take a certain resource and destroy it for raw materials. Like Jewelcrafting’s prospecting, you will destroy 5 herbs of a certain kind using the skill “Milling”. This will result in the items needed to make certain inks.


This subskill allows the scrivener to “decipher old books, runes and tomes”. The exact use of this ability is not known today, but it is rumored to be either used as disenchanting (perhaps to recover materials from created scrolls and glyphs?) or can be used to gain new glyphs and craftable items from dropped tomes (like the “discovery” process for flasks with Alchemy).

So what can we do make with it?

The “leveling up” items for Inscription will be buff scrolls, like the ones that occasionally drop or are available from vendors. Perhaps not the most useful items (since they are already dirt cheap now, and will be more so once Wrath hits), they are still a nice addition to have available when you need them.

More interesting are the scrolls scriveners will be able to make to assist enchanters. Yes, finally enchanters will be able to AH their enchants or send them to alts. There are several kinds of scrolls (matching varying types and skill levels of enchants) which an enchanter can use as a target for an enchantment. This then becomes an enchanted scroll, which can be used to enchant an item (like the shoulder/head enchants from reputation vendors).

In order to make these items, scriveners need ink and parchments. The ink is made by Milling, while the parchments are most likely a vendor item or created from cloth.

Other interesting items to craft are Runewords, which supposedly are offensive use-items. Since I haven’t seen any more information, I imagine these works like an engineer’s bombs (click and boom!) or are items that grant spell power or attack power on use (Runic Blast, for example). Other runes of this type act as temporary enchants on weapons and armor, such as the Runeword of Minor Magic Power.

Finally, scriveners will be able to create Scrolls of Recall, effectively functioning as a Hearthstone. It is attuned to your current home location, and effectively functions as the Ancestral Recall ability of a Shaman. It has a 15 minute cooldown.


Ah, the meat. This is where the magic happens.

Glyphs are crafted items that function as gems do for arms and armor, except that they are socketed in a special tab in the spellbook. Each glyph has a specific effect on spells cast by the character, and function as long as the glyph is socketed. It is unknown whether they are removable/replacable, but most likely they will be destroyed when replaced, like gems.

Currently, the glyph interface looks like follows, allowing for 3 major and 3 minor glyphs:

This is a simplification from previous builds, where there were 2 minor, 2 lesser and 2 major glyphs. The major glyphs create big changes in your spells and abilities, the minor glyphs are small (or cosmetic) changes. The central glyph slot should become unlocked when you reach a certain level in Inscription, allowing you to use one additional glpyh.

Rogues’ Deck

A funny little gimmick item craftable by scriveners is the Rogues’ Deck. Similar to the current Darkmoon card sets, this allows the scrivener to create cards of this deck using his skill (assisting in leveling up Inscription) and then handing the deck in at the Darkmoon Faire for a low-level armor item (which presumably looks interesting enough for Roleplayers to use, or which may be an interesting way to recognize a scrivener selling his wares in the capital cities).

Final words

So this is the information on Inscription from the latest build, which I will hope to update as soon as I get more information. For a next post, I will discuss the Roleplaying implications of this profession.


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