When we become the enrage timer…

During our last Zul’aman run, and especially during the Malacrass fight, I came to a deep personal revelation about myself as a Shadowpriest. As I was happily pouring shadowy hate on Malacrass and his adds, restoring mana and letting my vampiric embrace heal my group during the Shadowbolts, I noticed a trend to our fights.

In the beginning, there’d be a flurry of activity, heals everywhere, and the mob-hate machine that is my raid group was in full swing. However, if the fight took too long, I would run out of mana. Sometimes the pressure of a fight is so intense that even chain-potting, fiending and using Inner Focus is enough. Maybe my fiend got splattered because I timed it wrong, or I misjudged the proper times to take a potion and continue. Whatever happens, if I miss my groove I start running out of mana.

As my mana goes down, my rotations go from full-DPS using Shadow Word: Death into mostly using Mind Flays. Doing so, I hope to maintain at least average DPS (keeping VT up at all times) to make it to my next potion cooldown.

But as this happens, the healer’s mana winds down, and they too turn to their more efficient rotations. They need to make more use of the 5-second rule, or they try and time their heals more closely, so that they don’t run out of mana completely.

Sometimes I die, and my mana regen keeps on ticking only as long as my DoTs do.

It was like being hit by a hammer; as long as I kept my DPS at a maximum, I was able to restore plenty mana, and the fight was in effect “reset”. With that much mana left, even halfway a fight, there was the feeling as if the fight had barely started, as if there was no time pressure.

But when I died, and the mana well dried up, the pressure went up enormously as people were limited again by their mana pools…and they were dying up fast.

This led me to the conclusion that us Shadowpriests also cause a limitation in raids we choose to join; that if people rely on our mana (perhaps too much) they will hit a time when our mana regen stops and they effectively have only a limited time to down the boss before the raid is wiped by manaless healers.

So my conclusion of today is:

“We are the enrage timer”


2 Responses to “When we become the enrage timer…”

  1. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    It certainly puts alot of more pressure on some classes if we die,- EG Arcane Mages – To maintain their Uber Dps at high end content, they need a shadow Priest, a mana totem, and an innervate.. When doing Najentus if I was grouped with the healers they made sure that I was kept topped up on health so I could continue Dpsing and giving them mana and not have to worry so much about keeping myself up

    Oh and hi!

  2. It certainly gives a feeling self-empowerement how much we can actually contribute to a raid, but also how our DPS immediately is reflected in our contribution.

    The more controlled and sure you are, the more sight you have of the situation (and manage not to die on stupid stuff) the more DPS, hence utility, you will provide.

    That is what I love to do.

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