Northrend mapviewer

The people over at the WotlkWiki have released an interactive map of Northrend, similar to GoogleMaps. This is pretty exciting, as it gives a good view on exactly what the place will look like and where we can find all those exciting places we hear about from beta-testing people.

It’s a pretty nifty tool I think, and I think that the moment Wrath is released, we will have a similar feature in our mapviewer addons. Let’s face it people: our rogue spies in Northrend are already scouting for us, so there is no need to enter the place uninformed.

When I was spying around the page, I also caught a glimpse of the new priest armor set (either Dungeon 4 or Tier 7, people still argue about that) and I have to say one thing: GIEF!

All the other green and blue items I have seen models from so far make us look like wool-clothed barbarians with random plate bits attached (like the Season 4 PvP items) but this…this is glorious.

Yes, I know there is a Youtube video on these armors that was released months ago. But on those videos the cowl was bugged, and the complete picture is just more…satisfying.

Well, I will be off to prepare my real post for today. It’s a busy day down here, and I have my hands full just keeping the arcane tomes organized.


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