Job Security in Wrath of the Lich King

After the big shock we received due to the incoming changes to Buff and Debuff stacking in Wrath, let’s focus on something more positive. You will notice my previous post was tagged as a “rant” for a reason. Mine can get worse, but I was too hurt and shocked to think it all through at once.

So, first I will focus on the good we can drag out of these changes, and then I will (for convenience) list a view craftables from professions that surfaced from the Beta, which will help us stay the most vicious kids on the block.

The Silver Lining

The changes to our buffs and debuffs also have a possibility for Blizzard to fix our scaling. Now that our utility is shared with Survival Hunters and Retribution Paladins, our scaling needs to be fixed to be a comparable DPS. This means that either the self-buff Shadow Weaving will become more powerful than the current 10%, or that (hopefully) the lacklustre scaling of Mind Flay is looked at (especially with regards to Crit – which it doesn’t – and Haste).

Also, because VT is now detached from our personal DPS, this means that Blizzard can do so without affecting our mana return. This makes Replenishment more of a controlled factor, instead of a wildcard.

As for Misery, yes…well. It’s still not good. At best, this means that I (as a Draenei) only need to get 2% of my +Hit from gear. I get 1% from being a Draenei, 3% from Shadow Focus, and then 3% from Misery. This would allow us to prioritize gear without Hit on it. But still, it reeks to lose 5% straight from our DPS.

And now, on sale!

Below are a couple of the new craftable items that have been released by Betatesters, on the WotLKWiki. Let’s face it, after a tough day at the office, it is really nice to just let your hair down and shop a bit. In my case, that means gawking at some of the new craftable stuff, which I will use to satisfy my personal need for boom-boom.

I will focus mainly on stuff that anyone can use, which leaves Engineering out of the picture for now, as well as Inscription (which is already covered extensively).



One caveat with this, is that it is currently not clear if these sockets stack with already existing sockets on an item. We can assume that they will not stack with enchantments on that particular item. Initial datamining indicates a maximum of 3 sockets per item, regardless.



  • Runed (Red): Uncommon (Bloodstone), (Rare Scarlet Ruby), Epic (Cardinal Ruby) giving +14/19/23 Spell Power
  • Mystic (Yellow): Uncommon (Sun Crystal), Rare (Autumn’s Glow), Epic (King’s Amber) giving +12/16/20 Resilience
  • Quick (Yellow): Uncommon (Sun Crystal), Rare (Autumn’s Glow), Epic (King’s Amber) giving +12/16/20 Haste
  • Reckless (Orange): Uncommon (Huge Citrin), Rare (Monarch Topaz), Epic (Flawless Ametrine) giving +7/9/12 Spell Power and +6/8/10 Haste
  • Meta – Bracing Earthsiege Diamond: +25 Spell Power and -2% threat


So there you have it, it’s a bit of a brainfart, I know. But especially in the light of the changes to come it will be important to get your gear in top form as soon as possible, and to have a bit of an idea beforehand what to go for.


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