Why I love Shadowpriests…


In order to focus on the positive, we will interrupt our ranting concerning the new changes with a bit of affirmative action. Let’s face it, there is a reason we are playing Shadowpriests, so I decided it was time to get that out on the table. ^_^

I love shadowpriests…

  • Because no other class I know has a direct link between DPS and Utility to the raid; effort equals usefulness.
  • Because Shadowform masks any weird gear I might acquire in my travels, and still make me look bad-ass.
  • Because all my spells are Shadow spells, so I can focus on one damage type.
  • Because our community consists of theorycrafters and mass-cynicists. Sarcasm and dark humor are prerequisites for our class.
  • Because we stick to our beliefs, even when we get nerfed. And, because we stay cautiously positive when we get buffed.
  • Because I get greeted with cheers when I arrive, and tears when I leave. I feel useful and appreciated.
  • Because my Shadowfiend may be an ugly sucker, but it’s the best friend to have.
  • Because the higher our tier gear, the better we look.
  • Because our raids know we have very specific gear requirements, so our raid members graciously pass in the knowledge we would pass the rest to them.
  • Because we are an easy class to learn, but a difficult class to master.
  • Because our PvP sets look more than half-decent.
  • Because when we do manage to get a few shots in at our battleground, we rain pwnage on their parade.
  • Because no matter what, people still take us to arenas (but sporadically).
  • Because we have a solid focus in Roleplaying, and can blame a higher power for our actions.
  • Because until Warlocks get their demon form, we still have the only transformation that really counts (except perhaps Tree druids. I always get happy when I see them).
  • Because we may not have good synergy with our gear, but we form an unholy trinity with Protection paladins and Restoration Druids.
  • Because we are the enrage timer.

So there you have it, the reasons I have to play a Shadowpriest. Natarumah will always be my main, whether we get buffed through the roof or nerfed to the ground.

Attack us, we retaliate. Burn us and we heal up. Make us feel bad and we make you feel worse. Never give up, never surrender. For we are Shadowpriests, and we are the only Specc who is almost seen as a different class compared to our other priest brethren.

Take heart, fellow Shadowpriests. Our expansion will come!



One Response to “Why I love Shadowpriests…”

  1. isisxotic Says:

    I LOVE this. Agree, 100%, with everything.

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