Emerging from the Shadows – Reborn!

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen: love from Blizzard. And not the mushy stuff, but the thing we needed most. Mind Flay, our bread and butter nuke, will be re-evaluated and changed to our new standards.

Yes, you heard me. Shadowpriest.com is in a furor, and wowinsider‘s got an article about it. When it’s blue, it has to be true, right?

“We’ll be increasing Mind Flay’s coefficient (base) by roughly 30% to start, and allow Mind Flay to crit. We may also do some tuneups to the Shadow tree as well, but as other players have mentioned the tree is really not the problem, just the base spells not scaling.” – by Koraa on the WoW forums

Finally our scaling issues will be investigated, and our DPS – even though it may start small – will scale properly with gear! I am overjoyed to a level which requires me to take medication to keep my hands steady as I write this. What a news!

This places the scaling from an odd 57% to roughly 87% (rough maths). Allowing it to crit means that Crit Rating suddenly becomes a thing of interest to us…mmm. Yummy.

They are also checking the Shadow tree, so I am hoping that means we get a bit of fun back into our tree. Still, this looks mightily interesting and it fills my dark heart with glee.

Flay on, my brethren, flay on!

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