If I could design a glpyh…

While I was reading a recent post by Pugnacious Priest, concerning the use of Mind Control as CC, I suddenly had a realization what might add to the reluctancy to using it this way. One of its major drawbacks is that there is not really a way of knowing which mob the priest is mind-controlling, unless there are very few mobs, besides the fact that they cannot attack it anymore.

As I was thinking, I trundled mumbling to myself on the way to my laboratory, and started working. Speaking with shadowy minions of the Void and certain specialist seers, I finally emerged messy-haired, but with an answer.

Why not incorporate this in one of our Priest glyphs? Certainly it would be minor (as it does not really affect our scorings) nor would it be very convenient in PVP, but I would pay to have a glyph that distinguishes to others whom I am mind-controlling. This would also help them see I am not picking my nose at that time.

Glyph of Shadow’s Grasp [Minor Glyph]: “Surrounds your Mind Control target with a circle of shadowy runes.”

See? And it fits in nicely with the theme of “glyphs” as well. The effect above is the trigger effect of the Shifting Naaru Sliver.

What do you think?

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