Cult of the Forgotten Shadow

After a summary and some ideas on roleplaying as a Night Elf Shadowpriest, it’s time to shed some light on one of the more insidious and misunderstood faiths in the world of Azeroth; the Forsaken priesthood of the Forgotten Shadow.

The road to dystopia

Upon the transformation to undeath as one of the Forsaken, what was once holy and virtuous becomes twisted and shrouded. No longer sure of their place in existence and still haunted by the enslavement of the undead under the Lich King, many find that the promise and reward of the tenets of the Holy Light no longer applies to them and can no longer give them the peace and comfort it did when they were alive.

This coldness and the cruelty of their existence is felt most harshly by Forsaken priests, once paragons and ambassadors to the Light, whose kind administrations saved the life of hundreds of Alliance warriors, yet failed to halt the corruption by the Scourge.

The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow

Founded in Death Knell, one of the Forsaken outposts, the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow is a relatively small organization that hopes to fill this void, and provide answers to the newly risen flock. Although still managing to wrest some semblance of holiness in their existence, most of the Forsaken priests turn to this path of shadows, replacing kindness with cruel teachings, and healing those in need with withering away those who deserve such fate.

Where the Light’s virtues are Respect, Tenacity and Compassion, and the philosophy hinges on the good actions of a person altering the flow of the world, the Forsaken have altered this philosophy to better match their current state.

Respect, Tenacity and Power are the virtues of the Forgotten Shadow. One should respect those who hold power, and expect this in return from those whose power is less than your own. Power drives the cult in its entirety, both magical and political, as it not only is an indication of how “blessed” one is by the Shadow, but also is a sign of mental prowess and charisma. Lastly, the virtue of Tenacity is shown not only in finding peace in one’s new existence, but also in outlasting the often deadly scheming of one’s fellow priests.

The Fangs of the Dark

Power, as the main virtue, will grant a follower of the Shadow the ability to manipulate and dominate existence, whether for good or ill. In so doing, this branch of the cult is known as “divine humanism”, where the worship of the virtues leads to a god-like power once fully understood and absorbed.

This scheming and fractitious nature of the Cult is also its main flaw; because there is no bond of trust between its members, which also results in a constantly changing leadership, there is no straight line in its teachings or its demands on the followers. Once a powerful and charismatic undead would rise to claim dominion over the entire cult, the Forgotten Shadow may become a real spiritual threat to the followers of the Holy Light. But until then, they bide their time in crypt-like monasteries or assisting their (current) Horde allies in their endeavours.

The Keepers of Balance

Some of the more benign priests of the Forgotten Shadow point to the need to balance life and death, Light and Shadow, and kindness and cruelty. These are the priests most likely to still have a touch of the Light in them, and are often more inclined to heal than to harm. Such priests also adhere to the additional virtues of Balance and Compassion, and seek to find a balanced state of existence which allows them to transcend the pain of undeath and become spiritually superior beings.

The Shadow Ascendant

The rarest of Shadowpriests of the Cult are the Shadows Ascendant, whose focus on the Shadow as an entity is of such purity and reverence, that they becomes as shades themselves. Slowly but surely losing their physical existence, they become more like the shadows employed by the Scourge, and fade from sight and hearing as they release their grip on their immortal shells.

Although unimpressed by power and not interested in politics, such beings are highly dangerous, as they become ravenous, almost mindless forces of annihilation in the end. Once the will falters, all that remains of them is the desire to envelop and consume.

Needless to say, these beings are rare as roc’s teeth, and solitary hermits until the day they are destroyed.


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