Priest racials – no more!

It seems that in the next build, Priests will no longer have racial abilities. As it stands now, we get to be fed a whole lot of additional power by this. As quoted by Koraa:

“In an upcoming build all Priest racials have been retired, except the following:

– Desperate Prayer – This is now the 11-point talent in Holy, Holy Nova is now a base ability. Cooldown also reduced to 30 seconds.
– Devouring Plague – Now a base ability. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, mana cost greatly reduced.
– Symbol of Hope – Now a base ability. Now restores 5% base mana every 2 seconds for 8 seconds to your party. Renamed “Hymn of Hope.”

While this change does reduce the “uniqueness” of different Priests, we feel game balance as a whole will benefit.

Note: These new “racials” are not racials, they are trainable to all Priests.”

As much as I like the idea of all priests now being equal, and us getting Devouring Plague (for unclear reasons), one ability will bite the dust which I personally greatly loved: Shadowguard.

Once a Troll racial ability for Shadowpriests, and often underrated, is one I liked a lot because of its animation, its implications (hurt me and I hurt you back) as well as being one small addition to the Shadowpriest arsenal in PvP. It is the only form of reactive damage available to any Shadowpriest, and I would cry a little inside if it got lost in the shuffle. So, I ask of you, Blizzard: “Please give us Shadowpriests Shadowguard”.


4 Responses to “Priest racials – no more!”

  1. […] Natarumah at Twisted Faith mourns the loss of Shadowguard […]

  2. No! I can’t believe they are taking away my awesome purple orbs of shadowy retribution! I’ll happily share the spell with all the other spriests of the world if they just let me keep shadowguard.


  3. I agree!

    It may not always be the most useful spell, but now it stands a chance to be removed, Troll priests suddenly feel a little piece of their uniqueness taken away.

    Better to share the wealth and hope Blizzard will help us.

  4. Our dark prayers may yet be answered! Viva Shadowguard!


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