Hymn of the Black Crusade

Carefully bound scrolls of heavy vellum inscribed with silvery runes that glow with moonlit gloom are distributed among the followers of the Shadow faiths, along with small travel-worthy codici containing prayers to the Void. The scrolls are commandment and invitation alike to join the Black Crusade to Northrend…

The Hymn of the Black Crusade

“Embroider your cloaks with sigils of darkness, and adorn your robes with talismans of Gloom. Finish your prayers at your sepulchural shrines and weave your wisdom on life’s shortening loom.

Caravans of midnight-black horses carry doom-plated warriors to the water’s edge harbor, where oiled up sails strike wind under sailormen’s ardor.

Cast your voice to the wind, a hymn of dark praise, to the humble priests marching to end Northrend’s disgrace. Dusk-furred hounds jar at the chains, held by keen-eyed huntsmen and the purest of maids, as the warlords align to prepare for their raids.

On the icy plains of Northrend our tents shall amass, like burials shrouds preparing for a dusky church mass. Under the fury of the winds last rights will be read, for the Lich Kings’ unlawful children, the dire walking dead.

And among the hooded councillors and gloomlit candles, shall be the deathdealers, rogues and their gambles. Our wispy grasp shall be around Kel’thuzad’s neck, as the warlocks shall effort to keep their demons in check.

And the ivory moon, pale and uncaring, lights up the banners our scouts will be bearing; a trumpet howls and is lost in the wind. We shall give Arthas the time to think over his sins.

Gather all children, of our lost and dark faith. Rise every shadow, worker and wraith!

Our march will continue until the world’s end – for the Black Crusade shall rise and devour Northrend.”


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