When I look in the mirror…

Today I read the article by Pugnacious Priest on her upgrading woes, and I feel her pain. Yet, to me, I see it as a liberation…finally, a chance to see some improvement on my gear. Finally, not having to pass up on stonking great gear which is just 0.1 points short of what I already have…

I know the familiar feeling of passing on upgrades to my home-made purples to a guildy who needs it to replace a blue. I know the slight pang inside when a new caster weapon gets sharded because no one wants it. And now it will end.

With the cloth in my Frozen Shadoweave starting to show some tears, and the set bonus of my Spellstrike set void because of the Hood of Hexing, I believe the time has come to find my upgrades in the 10-man world I still reside in, despite our 25-man aspirations.

So, focusing on gear from Zul’aman, what will be the whales I will sharpen my harpoon for?

Edit: Chardev.org now has an option to “sandbox” your character and check the changes on the PTR. Simply choose the option for PTR and import your armory profile to see what your gear will do after 3.0! I have made edits in the entries below to reflect this…

Fury of the Ursine

Although it already was a bit of an upgrade, it never dropped before, and now may be the time to become more vocal in obtaining it. Over my current Vindicator’s Dreadweave Cuffs it will cost me some stamina and intellect, but provides Crit rating and Spirit (which will become actually useful in Wrath. This drops from Nalorakk in Zul’Aman.

Robe of Departed Spirits

Depending on how Frozen Shadoweave will be nerfed, this may become an upgrade. At my gear level 1 haste is about equivalent to 1 damage. My robe currently has 96 “pseudodamage”, as it has 72 Shadow Damage and 2 gems with +12 damage each in it. This robe has 89 “pseudodamage” with its 54 +damage and 35 haste.

This means that it will be an upgrade once Frozen Shadoweave loses more than 6 spell damage in its conversion. Plus, as I have already replaced the shoulders, I don’t need to worry about the (admittedly paltry) 2% of damage self-healing set bonus. This drops from Halazzi in Zul’Aman.

Edit: On the PTR the Robe of Heavenly Purpose gives 54 Spellpower. With its three sockets, that makes this robe superior to the Frozen Shadoweave. This will also give me more base stats, for mana regen and health.

Wub’s Cursed Hexblade

Currently I have the Scryer’s Blade of Focus. While using this weapon instead will cause me to lose out on 30 spell damage (which is a lot, I must say), and cause me to lose quite a bit of Intellect and Stamina, it does give me a few things I may need soon.

Spell Crit will play into its new use, while the MP/5 will give me a bit of working room should I turn even less mana-efficient after patch 3.0. Likewise, the Spell Hit on it will help catch the hurt I will take in the Spell Hit department with our 7% loss in straight Talents. This item drops from Jan’alai in Zul’Aman.

Hex-shrunken Head

This item was on my upgrade list from the start; it would replace my Icon of the Silver Crescent with Timbal’s Focusing Crystal as my second trinket. In situations where there is a phase transition (and thus the bolt from Timbal’s may cause aggro issues) I would combine this trinket with the Icon. This drops from Hexlord Malacrass in Zul’Aman.


Anticipating a need for Spell Hit, and a greater use for Spell Crit (as well as several sources that increase our Spellpower), these are the upgrades I will try to get my hands on. I will continue to save badges, for Epic gems. I wish I could replace my pants, but with Wrath so close by, I would either hope for a Mount Hyjal run, or wait for an upgrade in Wrath.

Edit: Also, with the changes in off-hand items, my Orb of the Souleater now gives 42 Spellpower. Because of this, I will need to invest 41 more badges for Sapphiron’s WIngbone. This will get me back to being hit-capped with the same Spellpower as the Orb. I will lose some Stamina because of this, which is made up for a bit by my new robe…


One Response to “When I look in the mirror…”

  1. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    yep no more passing on lootz for me!

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