Spoils of War – Whipping the crafters

Since it is going to take quite a while before I can get even the quest rewards sorted out I would want to obtain while leveling in Northrend, I occupied some of my time with gathering the item enhancements currently known in the Beta. As it looks now, there will not be much change in what we want to enchant our gear with, except with the quantities of return we get from it.

There is more on each enhancement, but percentage-wise we are likely to benefit less from it.

Think about it; although the numbers are not crunched yet, we will need more rating points to achieve a similar percentage number. So, let’s hope they will come out roughly equivalent.

The reason this is done, of course, is to prevent “mudflation”, where an ever-increasing amount of stat points without a filter will eventually mean that players become indestructable. You can see this happen when level 70s start 5-manning Gruul and such in Sunwell gear. As you become higher level, you need more rating points to achieve the same result agains similarly leveled foes, mitigating this in some fashion.

Anyway, without further ado, some of the smexiest item enhancements our pockets need to deepen for:

We are likely to require a bit of help in the +hit rating section, as we require more of it, but blue gear and up seems to be lacking a bit with this. Of course, the second you are over hit capped, see if you can replace this one with:

Even with improved scaling with Critical Strike rating, Spell Power will still be king, and the dominant stat we will be stacking.

Whoa there, what’s this? Yes, I know we would usually just put Stamina or Vitality on our boots, but once our gear is good enough for Twisted Faith, this may be a worthy contender. A slight bit of mana regeneration and the flimsiest amount of increased damage is still better than no damage at all.

The great-old standby of enchantment leftovers, it still is a good foundation for all of our skills. Basically this enchant will give 80 HP, 120 mana, a slight bit of mana regen and a teensy-weensy bit of extra spell damage with Twisted Faith.

Moar! Because

Moar! We stacked it before, we stack it again, and we will stack more in Wrath.

A slight bit of threat reduction and a bit of mana regeneration. With Twisted Faith, we can now see all those little Spirit upgrades count up to a small chunk of Spell Power. Also, it seems the mats are a bit more reasonable than those of the old Subtlety enchant.

And of course, our weapons need a treatment too. Although there’s no way of knowing whether there will be an equivalent to Soulfrost in the works, as there is now only unified Spellpower, this represents at least a tiny upgrade. And, the costs will be relatively lower than Soulfrost.

Revered with the Kirin Tor gives us our new head slot enchant, giving 30 Spell Power and 20 Critical Strike Rating. Wyrmrest Accord gives us a similar one, with 8 MP/5 instead of 20 Critical Strike Rating. Even so, I’d go for this one, as we should not have that great an issue with mana if we play our cards right.

And courtesy of the Sons of Hodir comes our new Shoulder enchant. Mind you that this item is most likely bugged right now, as it gives the same stats at Exalted as the blue version of the glyph, namely 18 Spellpower and 4 MP/5.

The new evolution of Runic Spellthread gives us 20 Spirit as well as 50 Spellpower. There is a version with Stamina available for tailors, but with Twisted Faith (once again) all these bits of Spirit add up to Spellpower again.

When Threat is no longer an issue, and Spirit flows aplenty, Tailors will be able to switch from the Wisdom enchant on cloak to this one; however, it is BoP for the tailor making it. Still, it does wonders in increasing mana efficiency at that level of play.


At the end of the line, assuming you are not a tailor and are hit capped before enchantments:

Spellpower +201, Spirit +56, Crit +20, +4 MP/5 and 2% threat reduction.

It is possible I missed an enchant along the way, or some of this information is already outdated; if so, warn me, and I will update this post!


7 Responses to “Spoils of War – Whipping the crafters”

  1. Just FYI, that 56 spirit is equivalent to 5.6 spellpower. With IST proccing it’s ~6 spellpower. For locks that spirit would be 16.8 spellpower without any talents.

  2. Indeed it is.

    If you have Twisted Faith. I decided to keep that out of the calculation, but mention it instead in the individual descriptions.

    Especially in the beginning, when you would reach the magic “800” spirit only on an IST procc, that would be best.

    Some people will rush to get Twisted Faith for its damage boost, but I personally would go for a shorter downtime by taking Improved Prayer of Spirit before that.

    Of course, once the gearing gives us a bigger load of Spirit (which could be as early as Naxx-10) I’ll certainly move camp to TF.

  3. And yes, WTB Demon Armor.

    We have to spend talents on a base skill for warlocks. I am still trying to find out what the reason could be. Do Warlocks need it so badly for their leveling? They use most of the same gear we and mages do, and neither of us have such a “bloated” armor spell.

  4. Mages have all kinds of armors. Some give mana regen, some improve crit chanche, some improve armor. We have inner focus with armor and spellpower.

    Btw, did you know that int is a much better mana-regen stat than spirit?

  5. The amount of mana regeneration as a whole depends on the balance between Intellect and Spirit (since patch 2.4). For some classes this balance tips more towards Intellect (such as Mages, due to their need for Crit as well) and some towards Spirit (for which Restoration Druids are most famous).

    Others, like us and Warlocks, would need to get a bit of a balance between Intellect and Spirit. A balance between Crit from Intellect and Spell Power from Spirit.

    Link to Phaelia’s calculations (Druid): http://www.resto4life.com/2008/03/03/24-mana-regen-part-1-the-basics/

    Previously, we were focused on neither; we needed a base mana pool (Int) to start our VT-DPS chain reaction, and from then on regained a lot of mana to sustain us for a while (as well as our party).

    Now however, because Intellect and Spirit are both becoming more important than before, it may be worth it to check out if we have a “sweet spot” in the balance between the two.

    For Druids, I believe this ration is about 2 Spirit to 1 Intellect. For us, it would lean more towards Intellect, like 1.25 Spirit to 1 Intellect.

    The formula used was: Base Mana Regen[Int, Spi, Level] = S * Base_Regen(Level) * √I * 5 + 0.001

    Anyway, I am not much of a maths wiz, so I will leave that to the pure theorycrafters.

  6. Things change in 3.0: http://shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=16393

    Replenishment, fiend and dispersion all scale much better with int than they do with spirit. Yes, passive regen will still scale better with spirit/int balance but in real-world you’ll likely get quite a bit of mana from other sources too.

  7. And I think you are referring to this topic on shadowpriest.com, about the Int vs. Spi question:


    While a valid point, there were some inconsistencies in going O5SR during Dispersion. Will check out the thread again to see if there are more developments…

    Edit: Indeed, simultaneous cross-post of the same topic :)

    Edit2: Rechecking the thread, yes, the more abilities we have that read “% of max mana” the better it scales with Int, as this directly increases our mana pool. So all abilities scale better with Int than with Spirit.
    I must say that I do not understand the full maths, but it does not seem to include the fact that we generally still have Meditation to allow 30% of our normal mana regeneration to continue.

    So it would boil down to needing enough Spirit to hit a “sweet spot” in personal mana regen and +spell power with Twisted Faith, and then put the rest of our efforts in Intellect.

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