As we stand today…

As ascertained by Ghostcrawler on the WoW forums, Shadowpriests have a very clear goal. It is time we step away from the thought that we are a utility class with decent DPS – we are now a full DPS “class”. This goes a long way to keep our emotions in check, as this means that we get a treatment similar to – but not as extensive as – Warlocks, Mages and Boomkins.

It is awfully quiet on us on the boards. It is currently unclear whether large amounts of QQ – carefully balanced against posts filled with charts, spreadsheets and computer simulations – have caused the developers to clam up and focus on their jobs while giving only the most needed information.

Threads are deleted everywhere, whiners are being banned, and the moderators are coming down on people who aren’t constructive enough like steam-powered jackhammers. The boards cry out as if they are being oppressed, and it’s almost a study in human politics. I must say it is quite fascinating, even though it is a bit sad.

We have been emotional, yes. In the wake of having our utility torn away, to be replaced by awesome increases in damage, we cannot but be worried that the treatment we are given may prove to be not enough, not on time.

The top fears expressed are:

  • We still will not do competitive DPS and be left out of raids;
  • We are not competitive in PvP and our new 51 talent may not be up to the challenge;
  • Our lowered mana regen has not been calculated into the fact that we now run OoM ourselves;
  • Our playstyle will radically change (which is mostly people’s innate resistance to change);
  • Our gear – professed by Blizzard to now be awesome because we need Crit and Spirit – will still just not do at all.

And so the boards are now quiet, and this answer is what is to console us.

Will we do competitive DPS? I am sure of it, maybe not at WotLK launch but a patch later, but we will. Will we feel improved? I doubt it, we will not change what we are. Will we be forced to adjust our talents and gear to prevent languishing without mana for half the fight? I think so, but I am confident the players behind the Shadowpriests know enough of min-maxing and loopholing to find ways out even Blizzard did not figure out.

Cheer up people, we will come down to haunt our raids again!


One Response to “As we stand today…”

  1. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    It amazes me the power of the player. We make our own games in the universe that blizzard provides us. We – the Players made twinks, the players work out spell rotations, and the benifits of downranking and turn playing a game into a science.
    Blizzard may restrict us, and make boundarys but they have no idea what we will do with these new boundaries. Im sure that most of the beta testers are doing their best to find the limits to those boundarys but I at least have enough faith that no matter what we end up with, we will find unconvential ways of doing things.

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