Burning Crusade raids – nerfed or tweaked?

A recent blue post by Bornakk informed us that the raid encounters in the Burning Crusade will be altered to fit the changes to be implemented during the next patch (which had already been reported on MMO-Champion before thanks to some datamining):

“To coincide with the upcoming new talents and mechanic changes for classes in the next patch, we are making some adjustments in existing raid content to provide a smooth transition when the upcoming patch is released. The creatures and bosses in raid dungeons that were introduced in The Burning Crusade will have their health reduced, and most will have their standard melee damage output reduced as well, but their spell and ability damage are not being changed. These changes are being made in all raid dungeons from Karazhan to Sunwell Plateau as well as the outdoor encounters of Doom Lord Kazzak and Doomwalker. On top of this Illidan is also doing his part and will stop casting Shear on players.”

This statement was met with mixed results; some people were happy with the changes, some people coined the term “world of casualcraft” again. Others believed that the raid encounters were nerfed because the changes in classes and talents had destroyed their class so thoroughly they’d never be able to do those raids like they did before.

I personally believe this is not so much a nerf to the raid to compensate for taking away player’s toys however. I think it represents a difference in focus for the raid environment that Blizzard envisions. Despite all the QQ, player’s DPS increased (even that of the tanks) so that would never be a reason to lower the raid mobs’ HP.

However, changes in mana efficiency, replenishment and such do put more of a limit in the length of time we will be able to sustain our DPS and healing, and as such we will take some time to adjust to our new style of play.

As such, I believe Blizzard nerfed the raid encounters to give us players some leeway in getting in our groove again without suddenly becoming unable to raid the encounters we’ve been raiding before. We’re being cut some slack as compensation for having to relearn our ways.

Of course, it also means that the encounters become slightly easier to the well-prepared (or experienced), making farming these raids quicker and helping raiding guilds on the edge of the end-game content to make the final leap before the expansion.


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