The future of battlegrounds

How often have we waded through hours upon hours of battlegrounds or arenas in order to gain some points for our gear? I know I did it, for the Merciless Gladiator set. Did I need it? No, I just thought it looked friggin’ cool. I wanted it. But it took me quite some time to get it.

I died a lot in the beginning, as I had no Resilience whatsoever. 9K health was the best I could do, and I was honestly a bit scared of running into a BG with all those cloth-killing teenage rogues who’d jump on me, stunlock me and then /spit on my corpse. Rightfully too, as this was quite a frequent occurence.

But, as I got more pieces of PvP gear, I discovered that I also became more and more survivable. I could take a few hits as I had some Resilience and 11K health. I learned what fights to run in to, and which to avoid. I learned also to suppress the irritation at being killed – again and again – as the way I figured it, the one who killed me must be happy now that he got a kill. Who knows that he spent hours there being ganked, just like me.

I even started to like PvP, especially battlegrounds. Sure they were tedious and predictable, but there were a lot of opponents to choose from, and you had the luxury of “hanging back” and nuking/kiting around instead of being forced in a confined space, like an Arena.

According to a player named Khang, requiring Arena points to get base-line (blue quality) PvP gear means that new players will be lured into the Arenas in order to be the “food” for the players higher up the ladder. As he states it, without people with bad gear and little experience, 2000+ rating players would not be able to advance in rank. For every fish growing large, another must be eaten.

While this may seem more than a bit paranoid, it is of course technically correct. If you have no PvP gear at all, there’s a big chance you have to suffer a low rating streak in the Arena until you have the points to buy gear that supports the playstyle.

None of this will affect the hardcore PvP players, only the PvE players making the switch. But, I am not too worried, as there is likely to be a “just dinged 80” set to gain from reputation, like at the end of TBC. That seemed quite a success, as more PvE players started to participate in PvP now that there was an obviously inferior but very useful beginner set available.

As Tigole has it, even though the new PvP gear may require Arena points occasionally, there is a lot in the works for Battlegrounds too. A lot of base gear can be bought with pure honor and marks, and the BGs will receive attention from the developers to be focusing back on the old Horde-Alliance conflict. Ideas which have been mentioned are allowing players to queue for Battlegrounds anywhere in the world, or gaining experience points from participating in one. I can see that last one also spelling the death of Twinks if that goes live.

My perfect idea for a battleground resembles the old-time Alterac Valley, where matches go on forever, the fight goes on day and night, and I can enter and leave when I feel like it. Although I am not hardcore at PvPing, and my skill is mediocre, I have to say that what I’ve heard so far on it sounds strangely appealing…


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