Turning one’s coat – on switching talents

Before the current Wrath of the Lich King beta, somewhere around the time of the alpha, rumors started circulating of Blizzard working on allowing players to have more than one talent spec, switching between the two determined by their need.

This idea was welcomed with cheers, whether by Shadowpriests who sometimes had to heal faces, to tanks who’d be able to grind for their income, and of course PvP players who wanted to have a shot at raiding without spending 25g every day.

As time progressed other things important to us have pushed this idea out of view, but still people ask about it sometimes on the forums. Usually these pleas for an update slowly drift from the first page, and the question slumbers in players’ minds.

But now, it seems that this idea has been revitalized. Tigole feels that this idea still has merit, but requires a lot of internal discussion and testing before even being presented as an option. Let’s have a quick skinny on the hows, whys and whos of the matter:

Who and why?

  • Raiders who want to change talents based on the raid’s needs
  • Hardcore PvP players who change talents from BGs to Arenas
  • Tanks who want to grind for their money (less relevant due to increased tank DPS)
  • Switching talents from Heroic Dungeons to raids
  • Maximum DPS talents vs. Mana conservation talents
  • Or just to play with one spec as a test while having your old in case it does not work out


Although it is clear it could be done, and aside of the discussion whether it should be done, how could it exactly be implemented? Maybe having two talent sheets, and a button that switches between them. Of course it would be imbalanced if you could do this at will, so there’d have to be a limit to it.

The current limit on respeccing is Location and Resources. You can only respecc at a class trainer, and paying a (sometimes hefty) sum of gold. If we remove the gold component, then Location becomes key. For instance, you’d have to go to a particular location to do this. To allow some form of mobility, a Summoning Stone would make a good “anchor”. Place similar stones near the BG queue NPCs, and done.

If Location would be removed as a limit, then you’d just lose some gold every time you click the button. Although still a limit, I think players don’t mind paying the gold. Players don’t like having to go to a town to respecc.

If only it were that simple, of course.

What are your ideas? What reasons would you have to have two speccs?

What do you think would be a fair and realistic limit to just respeccing at a whim, anyplace anytime?


2 Responses to “Turning one’s coat – on switching talents”

  1. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    Forget shadow priests healing! – Forgetting the needs of a raids for now.. and being selfish, If we could change between a well geared healer and a well geared DPS’er so easily there would be greater demand for shadow priests to heal because of that flexibilty, Its not like a Mage, warlock and hunter could do that switch as easy, it would only make the utility classes more utility. I know druids already do it, but I don’t want to ( I’m whining now.. ) what I would love this 2 talent tree to be used for is PVE / PVP I don’t do arena because I don’t want to respec everyweek. I do bg pvp in shadow raid Spec, I think it would encourage alot more people to do pvp of any kind if they could have a pvp spec

  2. Yes, I can imagine.

    If I had a full healing set and specc, and a full DPS set and specc, odds are I’d be healing a lot of the time. Yes, I could heal quite efficiently. However, I do not want to just like that. I have healed instances because we had no other healer available, but that would be the limit to me.

    I am leveling a Druid who is to be my healer, and yes that means I may have to switch my black cloak for a green hood, but so be it. Natarumah is shadow forever.

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