Mailbag Minions September

It’s that time of the month (no, not exactly that time, but you catch my drift) where I fish through my bin of memorable posts. These posts are the ones that stick, because I want to bookmark them for reading again later on. So, I feel it would not be fair not to share some of these interesting blogposts with you.

Merlot of Misery holds a philosophical discussion on Shadowpriests and trust, and in the process gives a personal view on how Shadowpriests have been faring from beta to now.

Isisxotic of Musings of a Raider gives a very detailed description of communication and the road to improvement; read this second, and Merlot’s post dovetails nicely into it. Also, don’t forget to read part 2!

Pugnacious Priest has a chilling description of the server restart in sydney. Key to this post is the loneliness and silly human behavior that goes just before the lights go out – a very good read and sickly melancholic.

Verolia, author of Shadow Power relives the reasons and events leading up to joining the shadows forever. A postive last post for this month’s deliveries.

So, a salute to all my fellow Shadow bloggers, and may your posts be fruitful again in the month to come. I will cherish my personal favorites in my bookmarks again. ^_^


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