From Booty Bay to Blizzcon

Blizzcon was abuzz this weekend, and the panels strained themselves to answer all of the questions that were being posed to them (And it was only 1 question per person). This included everything from “will mages be competitive in raids outside being a table with a portal at the end” to which the answer was sadly inconclusive, to “please visit the Druid forums for all out questions, because I can ask only one”.

As far as the broadcast was concerned (because I lack the funds to visit it myself, so I was relegated to the 2nd-hand steam) Blizzcon seemed to have the dual atmosphere of anticipation of the latest changes and decisions, and the QQ and boo-ing from the crowd at particularly undesired changes and unprofessional outings from the Blizzard panel (really guys, the Bacon of Light joke is old now. It’s ready for the retirement home).

Anyway, some changes relevant for Shadowpriests did crop up:

  • Dual-spec will allow you to change your talent spec to a predefined new spec at the touch of a button; no cost, no going back to town, no cooldown. Your glyphs will change along with the spec, so you do not have to resocket those. Also, Blizzard is working on an “item rack” like configuration so that your gear will switch along with it.
  • Mind Sear was given to us Shades to give us competitive damage. Even so, the panel conceded that Shadowpriests still needed some work and damage needed to be bumped up.
  • Dispersion probably will not be changed, as it was mostly meant for PvP. Even though its uses in PvE is limited, the panel believes that most 51-point talents are situational and they don’t all need to be appealing to raiders.

So there still is hope we will have competitive damage, but I am afraid the PvE Shades will have to deal with Dispersion being a poor man’s evocate. Ah well, I will still be looking forward to exploring Northrend (especially the fishing locations, I have to say).


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