They do care!

So the first thing I do in the morning, while my PC at home is faithfully trying to digest the patch, is to check out MMO-Champion for the latest changes. And lo and behold, Shades get an honorable mention!

According to Ghostcrawler, it is now time for our Vampiric Embrace to be nerfed. Of course, we could see that coming, as it is the only mechanic we have that still benefits from damage. Assuming it is fully talented, VE will give us 5% healing of our DPS to our group (not raid!) and 25% to ourselves.

Well, let’s face it. If they want to scale our DPS to the level of say, warlocks and mages, we would produce such a godawful amount of healing, that a Shadowpriest can DPS and Heal his way through an instance without needing a healer. That was just waiting for the nerf bat. Still, they did throw us a bone by healing ourselves for more than advertised.

Second off, they will double the coefficient on VT, from 20% to 40%. I am not entirely sure what this means, but I can only imagine that the previous mana return effect of VT was lowering the coefficient, and now that that has been lowered, the coefficient may rise again.

Finally, they want to buff our Shadowform some more (making it one of the most ability-stacked special forms outside of druids) by giving our DoTs (VE, VT, DP) a % increase in damage equal to our crit chance.

Repeat after me: 25% crit means 25% extra damage on DoTs.

That is almost sweeter than the deal the Affliction warlocks got!


2 Responses to “They do care!”

  1. I swear, I almost started jumping up and down when I read this!

  2. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    Esp since we have a new dot ( devouring Plague) which is going somewhere in my spell rotation.

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