3.0.2 First Impressions

Well, yesterday was everything but a productive day, I have to admit. Downloaded patch, downloaded the patch-of-the patch, then patched again. Logged in, addons were borked. And not just out of date, but even the updated ones I downloaded did not work.

Now I’m the kind of person who wants a clean and efficient UI, so I had great difficulty getting anything done. Yes, I know that’s a weakness of mine, but I learned to live with it. So I logged in and chose my talents and learned my new skills.

First off, I am trying out Dispersion. As much as the theory speaks against it, it might just be alright in Live. And well, it does have a wicked animation, I have to say. Along with all the other talents I took I made about 1100 dps unbuffed with a borked UI and ill timing due to lag and just plain not being used to the world after the patch. I am pleased I must admit.

Devouring Plague is a charm, although it does not seem to return all that much health. It was probably nerfed in the amount of health it returns, and it was quite a chore to weave it into my rotations. Let’s just hope that Pain and Suffering keeps up SW:P enough so that DP can replace it.

Visited the barber shop as well, but I must say I am not that impressed. Although they will probably add in more hairstyles later, the ones that were available were not that special. Also, when I tried it on my Night Elf I noticed that one of the hairstyles was ill-placed on the model, so that it seems like you have some sort of hole in your head.

I also checked out what Inscription is like on my Druid, just because I wanted to know. It seems easy to level up, at least in the terms of the skill itself. Milling provides an ample amount of produce which can be turned into ink, so that went pretty well.But if you want to max out your profession and get all the glyphs, that is where the investment is. Those glyph research skills cost major herbs.

I do admit I have the feeling that with the continuous server restarts and character resets we had on Steamwheedle that my score went up, but my materials were sometimes returned to me, as I often logged in after the world server was down and found I had Inscription materials in my bags that I previously used up or put in the bank. But, my Inscription skill was not lower than before. Ah well, a little treat to make us forget a bit about the buggy servers.

Anyway, sorry about the short update for today, I will try to get more in-depth info when I have some time this evening. Keep your fingers crossed that the servers stay up. ^_^


5 Responses to “3.0.2 First Impressions”

  1. If you have a widescreen monitor, check this out – http://daedhirui.blogspot.com/

    This UI was featured on WoWInsider, and the person is going to zip it all up and post it.

    (I took Dispersion, too. Bad shadowpriest, bad!)

  2. Hmm, I thought I had commented here, but I was wrong!

    UI – If you have a widescreen, check out this – http://daedhirui.blogspot.com/ The UI author was featured on WoWInsider and will be uploading her UI soon! Shadowpriest approved!

    Dispersion – yeah, I’m trying it out, too. Bad shadowpriest, bad!

  3. Yes, you did comment before ^_^

    However, I have set up my comments system to count anything with 2 links or more as spam (for those deadbeat meds and porn ads all blogs get spammed with) and the UI link was one link too many.

    Don’t worry, I de-spammed you. :)

    Also, thanks for the UI, I will check it out. I have a base UI working now with Pitbull, Dominos, Recount and Omen-3. Not perfect, but I will be able to raid with it until more mods get updated.

    By the way, increased DPS + Reduced Mob health/damage = Easymode raiding. We’re in SSC/TK now, but we can probably experiment with clearing BT/MH now. (Don’t burn us, we’re a new guild).

  4. I just checked out the UI – and omg!

    It used almost the same mods as I do, and the configuration is practically the same (aside of the unit frames).

    As a side-note, I have found the new DoTimer to work perfectly, as well as some others, so I will probably make a post soon on Shade-worthy mods.

  5. Oh good, I’m not crazy!

    I think a lot of shadowpriests end up doing a UI similar to that – with our dot management, everything needs to be in one place!

    I’m using the new DoTimer as well, but I’m having configuration issues so far. I’m looking forward to your post!

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