Shadows of Doom

First came the crates of suspicious grain in Booty Bay, spread to capital cities by workers who were not paid to care for its contents…then roaches fed on the grain and their deaths, unmourned but in large numbers, caused hordes of decaying peasantmen to rise and assault our people.

In Karazhan, the halls of the dead, the Lich King installed a new agent, a forsaken Blood Elf princeling, no doubt attracted and seduced by the power of the undead scourge…

And now, come the citadels.

As the new plague spread by the scourge is increasing in potency, the undead rise in minutes from the corpses of their diseased predecessors. The Argent Dawn mobilizes its forces, requesting adventurers to destroy the leaders of the invasion from their cathedral in the Eastern Plaguelands.

But no matter how many times the undead have been repelled, more are spawned from the unwary and the helpless. Sounds familiar?

I remember the days when Naxxramas came to the Plaguelands, when the shadows of th scourge assaulted the capital cities of the Alliance forces. When the peasants were made into prey and heroes into villains. The wheel of fortune is turning, and history repeats itself.

Prepare for the scourge, visit the Argent Dawn. Take their trappings and their tools as your own and fight the scourge. Seek out also the ancient homes of the dead; Stratholme, Scholomance, and even Shadowfang Keep now hold minions who are set in place to facilitate the invasion.

Those who do not care, who do not stand against the Lich King, shall fall by the wayside or bow down at his feet.


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