Spell Focus: Dispersion

Once again it is time to check out one of the tools in a Shade’s arsenal. This time the spotlight is on our 51st point talent; Dispersion. While some hail it as the saviour of shadowpriesting, and others revile it as a useless piece of crap (quoted as “one of the only crowd control spells that work on the caster”) I will try and balance these opinions a bit.

The Spell

Dispersion causes the caster to be silenced for 6 seconds, during which the caster will regenerate 6% of their mana per second (36% total) and have a 90% reduction on all damage taken.

  • Spell damage does not affect the power of Dispersion
  • 3 minute cooldown, 6 second duration
  • 36% mana regained
  • Can be cast while silenced, stunned or feared
  • 90% damage reduction
  • No mana cost


Besides it being a 51 point talent, no talent we have currently affects Dispersion.

General Use

In general, in PvP it is only used to buy a few seconds worth of time, generallyy in BGs, hoping for the rest of the bunch to catch up and help you, or to have a quick getaway. In arenas it is usually shunned, as all you do is crowd control yourself, and leave your team mates open to focus fire. However, it may just give you enough time to hump a pillar and heal yourself up, or to survive through disastrous burst fire.

In PvE, it is a pretty decent mana regaining talent, and I find that I am using it a lot more than I thought. Even though we hardly go OoM in raids, I find myself using Dispersion and Shadow Fiend twice each boss fight, often not even touching a potion. Seeing as you can only use one per combat, I feel I’d rather save the cooldown for when it really hits the fan.

Also, some bosses deal massive burst damage, and then the reduction (and being able to cast it while stunned) comes in handy. For instance, Rage Winterchill in MH, being a target for Morogrim’s watery graves, or Malacrass’ shatter combos when he is duplicating mage abilities. Trust me, even though it is not immediately apparent, you will find a good use for this ability.

Sure, it is not flashy or even cool, but it does have a nice animation. And besides, if it helps you survive even a single attack in a battle, it is worth it. Dead DPS does 0 DPS, remember?

How will it be in Wrath of the Lich King?

In Wrath I anticipate raids to be more mana intensive, but mostly more healer intensive. They cannot save your ass all the time anymore, and then this is a nice little “wait until the healer has time” button. Also, less dependency on pots (rare commodities for us now) is a good thing.

All in all, this talent is a lot better than I first anticipated it to be, and I use it all the time. The slight drop in DPS is worth it to make sure I live to tell the tale.


2 Responses to “Spell Focus: Dispersion”

  1. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    I love being the pinyata in Bgs….
    Its like.. Huh – They didn’t follow me to FRR awe crap – hit dispersion..

  2. I’ve found myself using it much more in PvE than I thought I would. On Rage Winterchill, when Zul’jin is lynx clawing me to death, or any number of other situations.

    I’m finding myself pleasantly surprised.

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