bandaids and blood transfusions: Patch 3.0.3

inv_misc_web_02Well, this tuesday or wednesday (depending on whether you are playing on a European or US realm) patch 3.0.3 will hit. Some people will be buffed, others nerfed. There will be crying, threatening and mass quitting. But enough about everyone else. We are Shadowpriests. What has Blizz done for us lately?

  • Shadowform will have a new effect added to it: your SW:P, DP and VT will gain an amount of bonus damage equal to your critical strike chance.
  • Devouring Plague will now have a coefficient equal to other DoT effects; to compensate, base damage will be slightly lowered.
  • Vampiric Touch will have a significantly higher coefficient (2x as high) to compensate for “other reasons that were holding the coefficient back artificially”.
  • Vampiric Embrace will now heal you for 15% of damage done, and your party for 3% of damage done. With a fully talented Improved VE, this will become 25% healing for you, and 5% for your party.
  • Glyph of Mind Flay will reduce the snare effect to 10% instead of removing it.
  • Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain will increase the damage done to a target with Mind Flay by 10% while SW:P is active.
  • Glyph of the Shadow: A new glyph, replacing the Glyph of Mind Soothe which no one was using. This Glyph will grant you 10% of your spirit as spellpower when you are in Shadowform and have a critical effect with your spells.  (Rumor is that this does not stack with Twisted Faith, which may be a bug).
  • The backlash damage from SW:D cannot be redirected or prevented. (Could mean it also penetrates Power Word: Shield)

All in all, that is a sizeable increase in damage, and slight nerfs to our utility again. I have to admit that I feel very dubious about all this; I was happy being a mana battery with decent damage and side-line healing as a bonus. Right now I have the idea I am a warlock without the cool pet.

As the patches progress and Wrath comes closer, I feel I need to fight more and more for my right to exist. My damage is still subpar, having increased (up to this patch) by 10%, while others deal almost double damage now. My replenishment is a drop on a sizzling hot plate, and my buffs can be done by the Holy priests in the raid.

People have been suggesting I’d better level my resto druid to 70 and fill up the healer gap…since a lot of healers are now DPS.

I refuse to let it end like this, and I am not giving up on Natarumah just because Blizzard decided the game had too many variables. When that day comes, I return to playing patience, which is free with WIndows.

Personal feelings aside, I will scrounge up every trick I can find, every loophole to discover, and any bug in our favor, and post them here.

Shades rock. We survive. We always have.


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