Wrath comes, my wishes remain

spell_shadow_spectralsightOnly a few days before Wrath of the Lich King hits the shelves. I am already anticipating the streams of people rushing themselves to 80 so that they can be the first. Even so, I look back at TBC, and think about all the things I recently did and wanted to do.

You see, when I hit 70, I had a very concrete wishlist. I wanted to raid, and I wanted to have some cool-looking threads. However, things have changed when my knowledge grew and my access to raids increased.

My guild’s now raiding Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Even though it’s all nerfed and we are not “hardcore”, I am pretty happy we got this far. You see, this is still practice. It’s still teamwork. And all of this will see repeats in Wrath as well, I am sure.

Due to the fact that some in our guild never performed the old MH/BT attunement, we managed to get all of that done last week. People said it was not needed, and to leave it. Better focus on what comes in Wrath. Yet, the rewards we reap are sweet, because in doing so we did earn the Hand of A’dal title.

Yep, as long as you have the old Vials of Eternity quest in your log, and have progressed to around the point in the BT questline where you get quests from Akama, there is a good chance that the quest system tells you that you are not eligible for the “new” A Distraction for Akama quest, and instead gives you the old one.

And that one awards a title. We were all giddy inside, like mushrooms under LSD-soaked rain.

Anyway, now the next thing on my list will be to get a full set of Tier 6 (In my opinion the most smexy set designed by Blizzard for priests). People tell me it is not useful. Better to focus on Wrath.

Like last time, I will ignore that. Because if nothing else, if I ever quit raiding, and I am bored to tears…I can still look at that set and keep to the memories of the old raids. Just like I am now one Molten Core run away (hopefully) of getting my hands on Anathema. For no reason. Just to have it.

So, what are your wishes? What do you want to claim still in TBC and keep through Wrath?


3 Responses to “Wrath comes, my wishes remain”

  1. Congrats on the title! We’re going after Kael tonight, which is our last piece we need for it.

    And I agree – the T6 for priests is gorgeous. I got my shoulders last week, and I frankly didn’t care if they weren’t as good as the Hatefury until I got a set – I wore them anyway!

  2. Good luck on the Kael run!

    Did you already do the Distraction for Akama quest? Because that’s the part after Rage Winterchill where the title’s actually handed in. I also have no idea if it is important to hand in the Vials of Eternity first, before this quest. I know I did…

    Anyway, may the title of awesomeness be displayed above your head!

  3. Yeap, I finished the BT line! All we have to do is kill Kael tonight – woohoo!

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