Now THOSE are wellfare epics!

spell_shadow_auraofdarknessServers all over the world are being sent off-balance, spinning into the twisting nether, because of an unheard congregation. Yes, indeed. Thousands of players have merged on a single spot; the PvP quartermasters for Alliance and Horde. Why?

Well good man, because it’s free!

Due to a bug in the system, the rings and necklaces cost no honor and require no rating, as do some of S4 weapons. And for warlocks and priests, the entire Season 2 line is on sale…for free.

Of course, this draws unparalleled attention, not only from players hoping for a quick boost, but also from Blizzard. You can bet your sweet hiney that there will be rolling restarts to get all of this stuff off of you again quicker than you can say “working as intended”.

Also, don’t look surprised that if you’ve been decking all your alts with it, you are considered to be using an exploit and banned.

Well, there may be a slight chance that Blizzard decides that the gear is inconsequential enough that they will just fix it and not bother rolling back the gear. But you never know.


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