A day in the tundra

Whirrrrr. DvD spinning, installation commences. Tension, tension. Patches downloaded. ULA accepted. Aaaand…play! Welcome to Northrend everyone!

As I was jumping straight in without research or preparation (how unlike me!) I just jumped on the boat in Stormwind and decided to go where the wind would blow me.

And so I ended up in the Borean Tundra (along with 3/4 of my server, because it is the easiest to reach). The first impressions were that it is rather big, empty and…kind of disappointing. That is, until I discovered the DEHTA druid camp, slaughtered woolly mammoths for meat and discovered an oil-slicked Gnomish camp overrun by a reconstructed Titan robot who seeks to cure them of the “curse of flesh”.

And the Ka’luak…how cool are they?

I mean, walruss people, right? That couldn’t be any more cool than the walruss from Alice in Wonderland…and the fact that their transportation vessels are big turtles is a plus. And the fact that they have carrots on a stick to make them move.

Results after one evening of trudging: Level 71, Honored with the Ka’luak, ran an Uthgard instance and discovered that I was sitting in the middle of a horde of mob-stealing levelers.

Ah well, those are the dice.

On a brighter note, it seems the collector’s edition has some spanking great concept art, according to a post on MMO-CHampion. The wicked priest set displayed there, matching the leaked set on youtube before, seems to be what will be Tier 8. Oh joy!



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