Leveling hiatus

achievement_halloween_cat_01So here we are. Wrath is on, and I find it terribly difficult to write about relevant things. Why? Because so many people are already writing about what’s going on in Wrath. Most likely I will continue with some good tradeskill advice or information on when you’re ready for Naxxramas, but for the moment, I am sorting those things out myself.

If you want a leveling guidde, try WoW Pro. His guides are free and very detailed (including pictures!). Great for leveling those alts at the quickest possible pace when you’re done sightseeing on your main.

As for tradeskills, I can recommend either Wowwiki, or WotlkWiki. They have some good summaries available, and with a little help from WoWHead it’s not too hard to figure out how to piece things together.

A special note on Tailors/Enchanters, such as myself…in order to get the good recipes from the Dalaran vendor, you need to hand in Dream Shards as payment. Gather as much cloth as inhumanly possible, and start leveling up tailoring to the point where you can make the blue quality shoulder items of the Frostwoven set. Disenchanting these should give you enough Lesser Dream Shards (3 of which form a Dream Shard) to get you the required enchants in no time.

Also on commerce: set your Hearthstone to Dalaran and “advertize” your wares. This does not just involve spamming /trade, which is a bit of a bad form of publicity, but primarily being an honest businessman (or woman) and letting people know you are available.

Guildies have pointed people to me for enchants, some of which friendslisted me for their level 80 enchants already, while others actually travelled through 2 zones to get an enchant I could do. Word spreads, keep your nose clean and act honestly. That way you will have plenty of customers once your tradeskills really start to matter.

Onwards to level 80 (Almost 74 as we speak) and happy hunting!


One Response to “Leveling hiatus”

  1. I’ve hit that writing block, too. It’s hard to find something to write about when everyone else is doing the same things I am!

    Great advice on the tailoring/enchanting – thank you!

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