The joy of leveling

spell_shadow_evileyeI have managed to scrape myself halfway level 75 now, almost up to the much-anticipated AoE we were promised… The leveling process itself is fairly quick and painless; Blizzard has obviously learned a great deal from questing in TBC and the starting areas of the Draenei and Blood Elves; quest hubs don’t send you halfway across the continent usually, the quests are varied and linked, and most importantly: they give bejeezusloads of XP.

Borean Tundra behind me and the Howling Fjord left for greener pastures, I have now focused my sights on completing the Grizzled Hills and Dragonblight. Both have interesting quest lines, from meeting your future self to escaping from rabid Worgen to using a big gun to destroy ghouls in an embattled crypt.

My tradeskills languish a bit, but the good old Northrend Cloth Scavenging skill does not fail me; I managed to make some nice threads for my Druid alt, and fishing and the total destruction of plant life has awarded a treasure trove of Crystallized Life and Water, to fuel my enchanting and tailoring skill.

Still, the lure of level 80 is strong, and I don’t take quite as much time as I probably should to enjoy the sceneries and the intricacy of the story. It is there, make no mistake. The epic tales of the Forgotten ones, the Infinite Dragonflight and the true motivating power of the Scourge weave themselves slowly into the quests and make you feel heroic as a player.

Only the lag and the player competition on quest objectives throws a shadow on Wrath, all else is sunshine filtered through chilly morning mists.

Take care and enjoy the road to heroism!


4 Responses to “The joy of leveling”

  1. When you learn mind sear learn to love fade too. It has saved my life numerous times :)

  2. Indeed, I have already been visting some instances with a Shade of level 75. Each use of Mind Sear meant Fade, because the threat on that monstrosity is no nasty, not even a Paladin tank can manage it easily.

    Most likely it will balance out a bit at 80, but it makes Mind Sear a really, really situational tool.

    But, I’d say it will be nice to DoT/Shield/Mind Sear/Fear/Repeat on throngs of mobs when leveling.

  3. Well, I guess you’ve been going with bad paladins then. On my alt I’ve had zero problems keeping mobs on me when hunters, mages and locks start AoE’ing trashpulls :)

  4. Not a bad paladin at all. This one was nicknamed “glue” for a reason :)

    My guess is that the Shadowpriest did not take the aggro reduction talents due to leveling and started a bit soon (or did not MS-Fade).

    I’d not be too soon at calling a tank “bad” when a Sunwell priest Mind Sears trash and loses aggro on a mob or two. Especially since the changes in various aspects of the game have changed a lot of classes significantly.

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