Taking your shadow to Naxx

inv_chest_cloth_73Well, after a short run-down on the gear we love that trickles down from our Reputation vendors, it’s time to have a stab at the Heroics. There’s good, good stuff hiding in there, and at the high end is comparable to Naxx-10 in terms of itemization. This means they are perfect preparation, whether for Naxx-10 or Naxx-25!

More than before, it seems that our gear is “mix and match”; you have some pieces devoted to one stat, and once you feel it is sufficient, you swap out other pieces to focus on another stat. It is crazy how much the stuff we find (even while questing) seems very much pidgeonholed into providing mainly one stat in addition to the basic Int/Spi/Spell Power.

As such, I’ve made the list in such a fashion, that it filters based on “main focus stat”:

Focus on +hit

Focus on +crit

Focus on Spirit

Focus on Haste

Focus on MP5

So, I bid you all happy min-maxing! And remember, Hit Cap comes first, all other things are later concerns. ^_^


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