Let me get this straight…

spell_shadow_manaburnAs we speak, the PTR is up for testing. Many things change, especially for Death Knights and Hunters. However, we are not forgotten. Although I have to say that a lot of the changes are rather nonsensical…

  • Levitate can now be cast on other players – nice, but what? If another player’s falling, we’re probably not quick enough to save them. Still, it’s a lot of fun with the Levitate glyph that removes the component.
  • Prayer of Spirit now affects raid members – This puts it in line with Prayer of Fortitude; but Prayer of Shadow Protection still languishes in the party sphere…
  • Mana Burn now destroys 13% of the target’s mana (up to 26% of your own mana as a maximum), taking 1 damage per 2 mana drained – I guess this is fair towards classes with little mana (Hunters, Retri/Prot Paladins) but increases our efficiency against notorious mana hogs like Shamans and Mages.
  • Abolish Disease and Cure Disease can now be cast in Shadowform – wait, what? Where’s the logic? I know a lot of PvP monkeys have been begging for this, to be able to counter Death Knights, but it still makes no sense. Rather, make Prayer of Hope castable in Shadowform instead…
  • Shadowform can now be cast while sitting or mounted – cosmetic difference, little else.
  • Vampiric Embrace mana cost removed – this is pretty nice, since it’s up often, and we can always use more mana efficiency. This also makes this a free “junk debuff” in PvP.

Other notable changes

  • Flasks no longer require an alchemy lab
  • Fixed a bug where casting Mind Flay and then turning away prevented Mind Flay from dealing damage

All in all, interesting changes, but I feel we could’ve been without most of them.

At least it’s not a nerf ^_^


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