Bugs! Get ’em off!

spell_shadow_enslavedemonOkay peeps, let’s talk about bugs. No, not the six-legged beasties that decorate your yard and become food for the birds. We are talking about nasty little coding errors that exist to make our life dificult…unless they are in our favour and gives us a boost.

So far, I have heard of the following bugs we Shades encountered, for better or worse:

  • Mind Flay‘s damage ticks are no longer spaced evenly among its 3-second duration. They are spaced a little towards the end of the spell, so cutting Mind Flay short costs a lot more DPS than you think it does. Also, this means that the “refreshing Shadow Word:Pain” that comes from Pain and Suffering actually happens half-way the channeling (when Mind Flay first deals damage).
  • Mind Flay‘s damage ticks continue slightly after the spell finishes “channeling” on your cast bar. This means that if you end the spell and cast something else the moment the channeling bar is done, the last tick of damage is cut off.
  • Mind Flay seems to be capable of missing the target even after reaching the Hit cap.
  • Also, see this post on shadowpriest.com concerning the Mind Flay bugs, including the fact that the PvP trinket can be used to trinket out of our Mind Flay (probably breaking the Slow effect also breaks the spell’s channel).
  • Shadow Word: Pain currently suffers from the old “Lifebloom Stacking” bug that Resto Druids had, in some fashion. This means that a lot of buffs and beneficial effects (such as Shadow Weaving) that affect it are maintained when the duration is reset due to Mind Flay. This also means that you cannot reapply Shadow Word: Pain if such a buff is affecting it, as you will get the “A more powerful spell is already active” message. Sadly, it does not remember your highest amount of Spellpower, so we can’t activate a trinket to power it up a bit to compensate.
  • Shadow Focus seems to be bugged, as testing from shadowpriest.com shows. It seems that while we invest three points, it still gives a value of the old 10% (if not more), because people in Naxxramas with very low Hit Rating have reported not missing with any spells (except Mind Flay).
  • Fade seems bugged in that it does not reduce threat at all, or only reduces threat gained after casting Fade. The tooltip says it drops all threat, and yet, many times I cast Fade only to see the mob come at me and continue beating on me as if I never cast it. Fade seemed to work fine in early Wrath, but now…

Let’s just hope Blizzard will find a way to fix this mess, because although the bugs are a pain separately, together they actually eat quite a chunk of DPS. Especially because some of them are “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

Any of you discovered any unusual behavior of your face-melting equipment?


4 Responses to “Bugs! Get ’em off!”

  1. Hm, I’ve never seen fade bugs so far. Often there are adds spawned during bossfigth, I fade and sear immediately without any problems so far.

    As for flay, most of its bugs seem to get fixed in upcoming patch :)

  2. The bug does not seem to be that Fade does not work before you get aggro – it seems to not work properly after you pulled aggro. That is, if a creature’s already on you, Fade does not get it off (at least, not for me). This has happened at least twice in every heroic I’ve done, which is strange considering Fade should drop all aggro.

    This means I should probably use Fade before a particularly aggro-heavy sequence from now on…

    As for Mind Flay, sadly not.

    “Priest: Mind Flay – Fixed a bug with targeting where you would not deal damage if not facing the target while channeling.”

    This is the bug they are fixing, the others they are looking into.

    Source: http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/underdev/testrealm.html

  3. Hm, I always get aggro off me with fade. More than once while AoE’ing I’m seeing mobs start running at me, I fade and they immediately turn around and go back to tank. Perhaps you are talkinga bout those random mobs who just choose some target and fight it without caring about threat table?

    As for bugs, I tested themselves on PTR and at least cutting of ticks was fixed: http://shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?p=164735#p164735

  4. Well, we can only hope. I for one would be glad if they’d get it fixed, even if they have to build Mind Flay from scratch.

    But I am not holding my breath just yet; after the next patch, we’ll see.

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