Blizzard’s got teeth

Toy Just a short interruption of your grinding a leveling for a tiny bit of Blizzard awesomeness. Thread #56245483 about why the PvP sets look ugly has resulted in what I believe to be a damned hilarious reply:

“The look of the sets will improve as the seasons continue. If we started the first sets of PvP gear with asteroids orbiting the shoulders, in a couple seasons you’d be wearing Thrall on your head.

Under the current design philosophy, the idea is that in PvE you’re killing very rare and challenging creatures of Azeroth, while in PvP you’re receiving gear from the crafters (so to speak) of your faction to get you battle-ready. Chances are you’re going to be given the gear that’ll get the job done rather than the gear that has to be constructed entirely out of the nipples of a 7,000 year-old dragon.”

Jeez. That dragon’s not having a happy christmas ^_^;;


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