Best grinding ever

inv_enchant_essencecosmicgreaterAs an enchanter, I found it a terrible hassle to get a good source of materials. The prices on the auction house for dusts and cosmic essences are ludicrous, to the point where the mats are a bigger seller than the enchant scrolls (which are sold under mats prices on my server). Either I’d have to spend a lot of time getting the gold to buy them, or I’d have to go through the old trick of buying cheap greenies and disenchant them (which is hard, since Wrath greenies go for 15-20 gold each).

So, what does one do?

Well, it so happens I have a druid alt which needed some love, and was level 74 at the time. It discovered heaven. When traveling to the Argent Stand in Zul’drak, you will notice an infinite assault of undead forces threatening to overtake the stand. Being a good and devoted member of the alliance, I spent quite some time defending it.

As it so happens, the mobs are infinite and drop quite some cloth and greenies (as well as grey vendor trash). You can get some help from the argent defenders by dragging them into the fight, and even if you attack the mobs when they are at half health, you still get a percentage of xp based on how much damage you did before they died.

Doing so nets you about 1.5-2k experience per mob, and per half hour or so you can expect to see 5-7 greenies, about 60 cloth (when not even a tailor) and about 30-50 gold worth of vendor trash. This is not a bad haul, I’d say. Not to mention there’s a repair guy, innkeeper and mailbox at walking distance. I also found that no one stays here very long, as they are hurrying to do other quests.

This place can be dangerous, as sometimes the mobs randomly form a huge pack and decide to march straight at you, but that’s nothing some well-placed AoE can’t handle. If all else fails, a good vanish/every man for himself/feign death/shadowmeld works, as well as dragging the throng of mobs up the stairs to the elite defenders. Doing so is riskfree, but may cost you the mob’s xp and loot drops.

So, how are your favorite grinding spots doing?


One Response to “Best grinding ever”

  1. I just dualbox lower-level instances :)

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