Jinglespam, jinglespam

spell_shadow_auraofdarknessWell, it was the season to be jolly, that had to be said. Between trying to get the winter’s veil achievements and grinding cash for my epic flying mount for my druid alt, I was hit between the eyes mostly with spam.


After the spam in general chat and the throngs of level 1 human warriors plying their illegal trade in Stormwind, the letters being sent to me by companies who wanted to sell me gold, I thought the whispers were the worst. “Hey friend, want to buy gold again?”.

Ho, there pal. I know this trick. You think that I can’t report you now, since Blizzard will think I bought gold from you before? Well, guess again. Since the ticket I am making will now also include “player’s whispers are personally offensive and seek to blackmail me, or besmirch my reputation.”

The spam is worst on servers where a lot of gold is bought. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of work to get such operations going, including the ad campaigns. They do this most heavily on servers where most people buy gold (ie. high success rate). And on an RP server, raiding is not the dominant factor on which your success is dependant (far from it) but rather sense of style and such. And to achieve this, people believe they need that mammoth, that 20k gold chopper or that special war hyppogyph. And so they buy gold. And as long as they do, the spam continues.

And then the holidays came, and it all became worse. The letters have long since stopped, but Trade chat was positively vile. Goldspam even haunted you outside the capital cities, as they had placed town criers in Northrend zones now (The light knows how, as it’s pretty hard to do with level 1’s).

And then more whispers of course. “Hey friend, we have gold in stock.” But honestly I can’t be arsed anymore. I just hit the report spam button and inform them kindly that they have been reported.

Will there ever be an end to this?

Anyway, next up something useful again.

Enchant material requirements are going to be lowered in patch 3.0.8, according to posters on MMO-champion. If this gets through, it means we finally have enchants that do not cost the world resulting in nobody wanting them. Sucks for all of us (including me) who leveled it to 440 and beyond, wasting piles of gold and materials, but at least our future consumption will be lowered.
Saves the environment, I guess.


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