Me and my lag

inv_misc_toy_01pngEver since I installed Wrath, I had been having the most terrible lag issues. At times, my screen would dump me at 1 FPS, and all sounds would become a horrible crackling noise that would make the wailing noises on the video tape in Ring seem like a fine orchestra. Loading screens took forever, and once I got in, I could watch the whole world being rendered layer by layer.

Also, if I would have any other program running besides WoW, all would be going very slow, and alt-tabbing gave me enough time to get a fresh cup of coffee.

I tried defragmenting, I installed Ccleaner, ran virus checks every day and even started disabling programs in startup. Nothing helped, and it even slowly started to become worse.

At first I thought it might be Windows Update secretly working in the background, so I put it on manual. It seemed to work for a while, but the lag came back soon after.

Because I have Windows Vista, I started checking out ways to improve performance. I disabled the Aero Glass theme, which requires 50 MB of memory just to give you those nice mouse-over screens on your menu bar. I even disabled some service that are no longer in use (including some old remnant that is used for dial-up internet, yikes!)

Finally, I found the holy grail. I right-clicked the WoW icon, and went to properties. I selected the “compatibility” menu option tab, and put it in Windows XP Service Pack 2 mode.

Problem solved, WoW runs like a dream. And how much does this all affect my playstyle? Let’s just say that the difference between before and after the fix is 500 DPS. Yeps, you read it right. 500 DPS.

Guess the best way to run WoW in Vista is to make it believe it is not installed under Vista. ^_^


3 Responses to “Me and my lag”

  1. i have a differnt problem… since wotlk wow will always crash after a couple of hours. But then, maybe thats just me playing too much. :)

  2. Well, it turns out that another issue may have made things worse than it seemed. The sound options included a “always take exclusive control of this hardware” option, which was ticked by default.

    This made Ventrilo and WoW continually fight each other over who’d get the right to send sounds every time. I disabled this, and now my lag is reduced to the occasional glitch when I have WinAmp, Vent and WoW running at once.

    Much better to live with!

  3. every time i log on my account wow just disconnects me!

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