Dark Tasks

achievement_halloween_cat_01You may have noticed it when roleplaying as a Shade, that the reception you get at other roleplayers is only slightly short of that given to Warlocks and Death Knights. Indeed, a disturbing tendency for Death Knights on my server is to go for a set of goggles, hiding the tell-tale blue glow, and start roleplaying as grim Paladins. No, my friends, they are not the same. No matter how hard you try, you cannot hide the stench of the grave, the weight of the evil deeds on your soul, and the blue chill of the grave bleeding out of your eyesockets.

That said, there are a lot of ways in which you can captivate people with your presence, your story and your way of acting.

Let’s review a few possibilities…

The role of a priest in a traditional community is that of healer, keeper of lore and mediator. Like tribal shamans, they are the memory and conscience of the people whose needs they serve. And be aware,  priest is a profession of servitude. Not only to the power that is worshiped, but also the people that join in this worship.

Even a Shadowpriest serves this need, even though the audience is a darker one. Perhaps you give advice to the local thugs on which kind of vengeance is appropriate for a particular slight, hoping to elevate them to greater wickedness and subtility. You may be the strong arm of the cathedral in Stormwind, bringing their message across with undeniable faith (but please, no Scarlets. That has been done to death now).

In Darnassus, the temple holds many open spaces that may be used for an oratory for a small audience. Make an invitation on the realm forums for a sermon, and hold on here on the values of protection, vengeance and strength of conviction. Or, find an other group of roleplayers that often scout/patrol an area and be standing by for healing and empowerment should they be assaulted (Mountaineer, a Dwarf/Gnome guild on my server, often patrols Arathi and the Dwarven district in Stormwind, for instance).

You may also be a hunter of corrupt thoughts and dark minds; Death Knights and Warlocks make easy targets this way. Stalk them as they walk, or hire some rogues to do the job (trust me, they like this sort of thing). Investigate the areas where warlocks are in abundance (The Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind, the Warlock trainers in Ratchet, and the like) and start asking them questions. Slowly make the questions more pointed, make them question if they made the right choice. Make sure that when you leave, they know that becoming corrupted is a fate worse than death, a separation from all you stand for.

Shadowpriests also make great inquisitors, having experience with mind control, seeing through other’s eyes and bolstering others’ resistance to the influence of Shadow magic. Dark you may be, you are not corrupted. You are an avenger of the Light, hiding in the shadows. Let’s face it, you catch fish in the water, not on land. Why should you operate any differently?

What also may make the difference in roleplaying is faith. Say prayers on occasion, wish people well in your power’s name, and use (and reuse!) a common phrase or two.

“The Darkness provides”, “Humbled through Shadows, walking the Light” and “May the veil protect me” are but a few of many options. Be sure to be bombastic. Be grand, you have a destiny! Be wise and just, but stern. You are not a fool, or a martyr. You are a righteous force of vengeance, cleansing corruption with decisive force.

Keep this sort of thing in mind, and people remember you. And when they do, stories gather around you.

Have fun roleplaying, and make sure to involve others, and share the spotlight!


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