Ghostcrawler crawls on: 40% nerf to mana regains

spell_shadow_manaburnGhostcrawler was unusually open and talkative about the expected nerfs in base mana regeneration. For those who did not know, Blizzard was not happy that healers are able to use the 5-second-rule to regain a few seconds of full mana regains in combat, which in some way made mana “trivial”. In order to counter this, a few hefty nerfs will be applied:

  • Mana regeneration out of combat will be nerfed by 40%
  • Divine plea already faced a -50% healing penalty (Paladins)
  • Spiritual Attunement will be made “less useful” to non-protection Paladins
  • Meditation and similar “in-combat mana regain” talents will be buffed to compensate

This will have some serious implications. I am not even talking about how healers will have to adjust to the next big change to healing after removal of downranking and unifying spellpower, but about our alts.

Nerfing the base mana regain will be a big pain on characters that are lower-level, and will also mean that while leveling you need to rely more on these talents, rather than being able to skip them. This will mean of course that since the in-combat regains will be the same, an alt is more likely to chain-grind while leveling, rather than even accepting downtime.

It may mean that drinks/food may have to be enhanced (same healing/mana but over a shorter time) because else it will take quite some time to regain mana between pulls. I may be crying wolf over this, as so many things are connected that perhaps we can gain an advantage somewhere else to compensate.

While this has little to do with Warlocks, our Warlock alts will actually benefit from this change. Because Life Tap still benefits from Spirit (and knowing Blizzard, they will either nerf this too or leave it as an oversight) and can be covered (refueled) by Drain Life, warlocks will be unfased by this news. In fact, since their mana/life regains are self-powered, they may actually be more beneficial. Especially if they gain replenishment too (talented).

For Shadowpriests it means 2 things:

  • Meditation, which some have skipped because the raid provided enough mana regain, becomes more mandatory
  • Replenishment will probably be next on the target list if mana consumption is still deemed “not consequential enough”

We’ll have to see how these changes play out. I have a strong suspicion that there’s a lot on the horizon that is dovetailing with this of which we haven’t heard yet…


2 Responses to “Ghostcrawler crawls on: 40% nerf to mana regains”

  1. I dont think its that bad TBH, as shadow i hav never used a mana pot or shadow fiend in any fight yet 10 or 25 man.

    They will buff other things for it like you said though.

  2. This is also mostly a healer nerf. Our alts are hurt a bit on the sideline, but Blizzard always said they balance the game around maximum level anyway.

    I do hope that it stops here, and they do not decide that Replenishment provides too much mana. More classes are going to provide this ability, so it’s “less unique” but not “less mandatory”.

    We’ll see how it pans out. Maybe it will change before we can even blink.

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