A tree falls in the forest…but not quietly

ability_druid_flourishToday is a sad day for many Resto druids who visited Phaelia’s blog Resto4life often. Due to time restrictions placed on her by her work and an oncoming family addition, she will be closing the doors of Resto4life.com. See her goodbye post here.

While my main is a Shadowpriest, I have had a lot of fun with my new Resto Dr00d, and the way Phaelia described healing and gearing was intense enough for me to focus on getting my Druid to 80 and geared. It was then that I realized how my experience with keeping DoTs up 100% of the time was of great value, and I owe it all to poring over Phaelia’s theorycrafting and easy-to-use guides.

Phaelia rocks!

Three cheers for Phaelia!


2 Responses to “A tree falls in the forest…but not quietly”

  1. Thanks so much, Naturumah — for this post and for all the comments you’ve left on Resto4Life over the past few months. I have no doubt your blog will continue to grow and wish you all the best in the coming years. :-)

  2. I for one feel that I owe it to you to make such a post, considering how much fun reading your blog made playing my resto and even leveling it. I can only hope that others will carry the torch and produce such high-quality writing.

    I am looking, and it seems that many of those aspiring Druids who once followed your blog are now blogging on their own, so I am sure I will find it.



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