Behold: Anathema!

spell_shadow_shadowfiendBetween raiding, leveling, and improving my tradeskills, I actually never had the time to focus on some of the older content I had skipped (being a Draenei means that this character was created long after the MC era). Luckily, during a Molten Core run for a friendly hunter’s Petrified Leaf, the Eye of Divinity dropped instead…and I was the only priest.

I already had the Eye of Shadow in the bank, and quickly marched off to the Eastern Plaguelands to get the quest done…and failed miserably. Back then I had no mouseover macros, no healing spec, no grid, no experience in healing, no nothing. There were so many little health bars, dropping so fast, and I had no overview of the situation. Annoyed, I put the trinkets in my bank and vowed that if I had some spare time, I would get around to it.

Zoom to the day before yesterday.

In the knowledge of not having a raid for the coming three days and with some healing experience under my belt, I set off again. And I can tell you that even though this is a level 60 quest, it is still pretty hard. Like the Epic Hunter quest, it’s one of those quests that measure skil rather than overpowering gear. To go in style, I specced Holy and put on the few healing pieces I had to get rid of some Hit.

The next four or five minutes were a blur of cleansing, renewing and Flash Healing. After the second wave I was almost OoM so I resorted to sticking to Cure Disease and Renew, killing the skeletons with my wand. As my last drops of mana were spent and I had 5k health left (I did not heal myself so I would have the mana left for the peasants) I saw the liberating message “quest complete”.

I completed the quest, created Benediction and went straight to the trainer to get back into my Shadowy self. I had done it. I was giggly for an hour or so, as I actually had a difficult time with the quest.

Benediction/Anathema is still an icon of dedication to the Priest class, and I think our server only has a handful of people who actually have it (Mostly people with Classic accounts who cannot really access TBC gear) and now I was one of the happy few. ^_^

Anathema looks awesome when matched with a Merciless Gladiator outfit.

I know people say “This quest is easy” and “I did it in the MC era without Tier 1 gear” as well as “It is a quest 20 levels lower, who cares?”. It is still and achievement, and I did not find the quest easy at all. It requires sound judgement, wise decisions, without being able to rely on Downranking as before patch 3.0 – my Renew might do 2-3k overhealing, but I have no choice to downrank and be cheapass.

Anyway! Life is good. *cuddles staff*


One Response to “Behold: Anathema!”

  1. Congratulations! Such a brilliant staff, even if it isn’t raid quality anymore. It’s still the coolest weapon priests have access to and I am green with envy! Enjoy :)

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