Love for the Shadowfiend?

dpSome people have been noticing the increased use of our trusty shadowy companion. While he’s doing more damage and returning mana per attack instead of per hit, he’ll also be helping us greatly in the mana department. However, it seems that the forces of Darkness have taught our minion a neat little trick…


Now, don’t get any wrong ideas – this is not the Shadowpriest version of Heroism – this will not increase the damage done by just anyone to the target. That would be powerful to the degree of making us greatly desired in any raid. No, this only affects the Fiend, as shown below:


Still, it’s a pretty nice buff to the little guy, and makes him useful as more than a portable mana tank. In PvP, it will also provide a bit of burst damage to our targets. And most people think the Fiend is such a minor nuisance that they ignore it…and that will become a costly mistake.

Edit: Information and screenshots courtesy of this thread at, specifically the posters AetherMcLoud, Elzin and Unfixable.


2 Responses to “Love for the Shadowfiend?”

  1. That looks awsome, we are gonna have some even more serious dps woot.

  2. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    Hot. Hot. Hot..

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