Return to Innocence

inv_offhand_stratholme_a_02With the completion of the Anathema questline last week, I have been pondering doing all of the other “classic priest” quests and getting the old sets. I am talking about transforming Dungeon Set 1 into Dungeon Set 2, and the like. Doing so would have a few advantages:

  • Clearing old world dungeons for rep / Dungeon Set 1
  • Doing some quests to turn that into Dungeon Set 2
    • Gaining rep with various factions in the process
    • Adding to the “Quests done” and “Loremaster” achievements
    • Getting rid of some old enchanting/leatherworking mats
  • Perhaps having some set items drop for my Druid and Warlock to do the same
  • Quests being at your level, I would still gain some gold from it

Anyway, this is the list as I have prepared it:

Priest Dungeon Set 1 (Vestments of the Devout)

  • Devout Belt (Trash Mobs in Blackrock Spire, BoE)
  • Devout Bracers (Trash Mobs in Stratholme, BoE)
  • Devout Crown (Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance, BoP)
  • Devout Gloves (Archivist Galford in Stratholme, BoE)
  • Devout Mantle (Solakar Flamewreathe in Upper Blackrock Spire, BoP)
  • Devout Robe (General Drakkisath in Upper Blackrock Spire, BoP)
  • Devout Sandals (Malekki the Pallid in Stratholme, BoP)
  • Devout Skirt (Baron Rivendare in Stratholme, BoP)

Most of this can be soloed, although I have done this on my Druid before and I think my Shade may be a tad more squishy. Either way the best way to find out is to go out and try it. I will update this list when I get an item. I am not going to hurry it though, this is not a week project in its entirety.

Dungeon Set 2 (Vestments of the Virtuous)

In addition to requiring pieces of Dungeon Set 1, these quest chains ask for a truckload of items. Each questline converts a “batch” of items at once, as follows:

Questline 1: Bracers
Questline 2: Belt and Gloves
Questline 3: Pants, Shoulders and Boots
Questline 4: Helm and Chest

My shopping list to get these quests done consists of the following (mileage may vary depending on drops, AH and profession alts):

  • 180 gold total
  • Delicate Arcanite Convertor [Engineering Alt]
  • Greater Eternal Essence x4 [Enchanting leftovers]
  • Stonescale Oil x10 [Alchemist Alt]
  • Goblin Rocket fuel as needed [Engineering Alt]
  • Dark Iron Bar x3 [AH]
  • Mooncloth x3 [Tailoring, AH]
  • Enchanted Leather x20 [Leatherworking Alt, AH]
  • Cured Rugged Hide x4 [Leatherworking Alt]
  • Large Brilliant Shard x8 [Enchanting leftovers]
  • Dark Rune x5 [Farming, BoP]
  • Flask of Supreme Power [Alchemist Alt]
  • Firebloom x5 [Alchemist Alt]
  • 4 Twilight Cultist’s Trappings (Cowl, Robe, Mantle) [Farming, AH]
  • Twilight Cultist’s Medallion of Station [Quest]
    • Large Brilliant Shard [Enchanting Leftovers]
    • Abyssal Crest x3 (Using 3 of the Twilight Sets) [Summoning Dukes]

Well, that is the list so far. A long road ahead of me, and I will take some off hours now and then when I have nothing to do to get some of this stuff done. I have a good idea on what to do and how to get there, and it will help me get quite some achievements. Also, it will give my production alts something to do, level on, and strive to achieve as well!


3 Responses to “Return to Innocence”

  1. For soloing dungeons disc is much better than shadow. I did stratholme for some enchanting mats last week and I could pull almost as many mobs as I could on my tankadin. Just shield and spam non-glyphed holy nova. HN doesn’t consume the borrowed time haste buff so it can do tons of damage and healing :)

    Just bring some drinks with you, I had to drink the low-level stuff as HN ate mana quite fast.

  2. Yeah, I think you are right in that. If I have to respec for it (Like the Anathema quest) I think I had better save this for when I have longer periods of rest. Or, wait until 3.1 but that will be some time to come, I think.

    Holy Nova is win though, especially on Undead.

  3. One of my aims is to get all the dungeon sets as well.

    Will be cool as im going to run them with a DK so be easy.

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