Ulduar loot preview, part 1

Source: www.wowwiki.com

Time for some interesting loot for us Shades that will come rolling in once the 3.1 patch hits; filtered for perusal by Shades specifically. Note that these are not the final items, and that more may be added/tweaked as this progresses. First up, the loot from Flame Leviathan and Hodir, courtesy of MMO-Champion.

Flame Leviathan (10-man)

  • Lifespark Visage [Head] (+93 Sta, +73 Int, +45 Spi, +105 Spellpower, +63 Haste, Meta and Blue socket, socket bonus +8 Spi)
  • Combustion Bracers [Wrist] (+54 Sta, +41 Int, +44 Spi, +32 Hit, +77 Spellpower)

Flame Leviathan (25-man)

  • Embrace of the Leviathan [Waist] (+63 Sta, +64 Int, +62 Spi, +99 Spellpower, +49 Haste)
  • Constructor’s Handwraps [Hands] (+73 Sta, +62 Int, +58 Crit)
  • Glowing Ring of Reclamation [Ring] (+46 Sta, +49 Int, +44 Spi, +39 Crit)

Flame Leviathan (Hard Mode)

  • Boots of Fiery Resolution [Feet]  (+72 Sta, +72 Int, +64 Spi, +102 Spellpower, +55 Haste, Red and Yellow sockets, socket bonus +6 Haste)
  • Pendant of Fiery Havoc [Neck]  (+61 Sta, +51 Int, +75 Spellpower, +46 Hit Rating, +41 Haste, Yellow socket, socket bonus +5 Spellpower)
  • Shimmering Seal [Ring] (+63 Sta, +42 Int, +22 Spi, +74 Spellpower, Red socket, socket bonus +5 Spellpower)

Incidentally, the cloth pieces combined give the appearance of the blue version of the Priest Tier 8 set. Like the old T6 lookalikes in TBC raids, it seems they will have the non-set pieces looking alike enough to match with the Tier pieces.

Hodir (10 man)

  • Cowl of Icy Breaths [Head] (+78 Sta, +74 Int, +48 Spi, +60 Hit, +115 Spellpower, Meta and Yellow socket, socket bonus +8 Hit) – This hood resembles the mage Tier 8 hood. This could be a placeholder (like the Flame Leviathan loot looks like priest T8).
  • Icecore Staff [2hand staff] (+102 Sta, +105 Int, +76 Spi, +61 Haste, +520 Spellpower, Blue and Red socket, socket bonus +7 Spellpower) – The true caster staff that Hodir drops, with one blue slot which may give you half of what you need to activate your Crit metagem.

Hodir (25 man)

  • Staff of Endless Winters [2hand staff] (+111 Sta, +128 Int, +84 Spi, Crit +104, Spellpower +587, 2 Blue sockets, socket bonus +9 Spellpower) – may seem a healer staff at first, but with the Haste on all other pieces, we can use the crit. Also, socketing 2 blue gems here allows you to activate your Crit metagem.
  • Frozen Loop [Ring] (+49 Sta, +46 Int, +74 Spellpower, +36 Haste, +46 Hit)

It seems like the loot we get will have a lot more Haste on it, and a lot less Crit. I’d say that we can make up that Crit by choosing wisely in the trinket, cloak and weapon department. More Hit on some items also means we can consolidate Hit in a few items, leaving more room for more boom-boom while still being hitcapped.

In terms of looks, I hope they keep the T8 models, even though I suspect these are placeholders. They look pretty nice, and having non-set items match means we can shuffle our own outfits around (for those of us who like their toons dressed to impress rather than to raid or swing epeens at the Stormwind AH).

I will sift through the assorted loot mentioned at MMO, for the other Ulduar bosses, and see what goodies can come from that. Sadly, that will be a lot less precise, as a lot of items are still empty placeholders or not confirmed to a boss.


3 Responses to “Ulduar loot preview, part 1”

  1. T8 seems to be pretty set in stone, maybe a few tweaks but no more big changes. The higher amount of hit will be nice, although less crit seems odd due to dots being able to crit.

  2. Well, DoTs being able to crit would be one reason to limit the amount of crit. Also, these sets are also used by Mages, Warlocks, and perhaps Boomkins. This means they will need to make it appealing to all of them, at least for the greater part.

    Haste is not a bad stat, it just drains mana fast. This means that healers, until their mana efficiency comes back up a bit, may want to shy away from Haste for a while. That said, since we do not stay out of the 5-second rule, it makes no difference. When you have mana that can afford Haste in large amounts, go for it.

  3. Ah, it all makes sense now :)

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