Ulduar loot preview, part 2

spell_shadow_hauntingTime for another set of nice loot for us Shades, from another set of bosses in Ulduar. Mind you, just as before, some of these may change as it is only on the PTR at this time. This time, Auriaya and General Vezax! As a side note, Vezax looks like a giant, mutant Forgotten One, and I believe he has one of the most wicked models in the game…aside of Yogg’Saron.

Auriaya Hard mode

  • None recorded.

Auriaya 25man

  • Sandals of the Ancient Keeper [Feet] (+63 Sta, +64 Int, +62 Spi, +99 Spellpower, +49 Crit)
  • Cowl of the Absolute [Head] (+72 Sta, +91 Int, +57 Spi, +133 Spellpower, +86 Hit) – It may not have sockets, and look like Mage Tier 8, but it’s boatload of Hit may help should you need to replace the head piece to take advantage of stats on other gear. Not likely to be a big upgrade in versatility, but it’s a good one to watch.

Auriaya 10man

  • Nurturing Touch [Wand] (+29 Sta, +26 Int, +24 Spi, +39 Spellpower, +20 Crit)
  • Raiments of the Corrupted [Robe] (+105 Sta, +62 Int, +76 Hit, +61 Crit, +117 Spellpower, Blue socket, socket bonus +4 Hit) – Another heavy +hit piece, but with a blue socket which may help activate the Crit metagem. Has the looks of Mage tier 8 in Black and blue, and looks pretty smexy on a Shade!

General Vezax Hard Mode

  • Flare of the Heavens [Trinket] (Equip: +120 Crit, Chance on harmful spell cast to gain +850 Spellpower for 10 seconds) – Awesomus Maximus!

General Vezax 25man

  • Scepter of Lost Souls [Wand] (+37 Sta, +26 Int, +44 Spellpower, +18 Crit, +29 Haste) – I think this is a wand to die for; no wasted stats, and all we want in plenty supply…
  • Belt of the Darkspeaker [Waist] (+64 Sta, +63 Int, +49 Spirit, +90 Spellpower, +56 Hit, Blue socket, socket bonus +5 Spellpower)
  • Mantle of the Unknowing [Shoulder] (+73 Sta, +56 Int, +62 Spi, +90 Spellpower, +41 Crit, Yellow socket, socket bonus +4 Int) – Let’s see. Awesome stats. Check. But the fact that it looks like the purple flaming version of our Priest T8 means that if I ever see it, I will hook my claws into it and never let go. It just looks that awesome.
  • Ring of the Vacant Eye [Ring] (+54 Sta, +46 Int, +42 Spi, +74 Spellpower, +42 Hit)

General Vezax 10man

  • Not recorded.

By the look of things it seems that this is the guy for us to beat (hard and repeatedly) in order to get what we want. Aside of T8, there are some solid pieces here which are easy to mix and match to our desire, and they all look awesome. Truth be told, I think that beating this boss will be pretty hard, same as with most in Ulduar, and the awesomeness of its loot is likely to reflect that.


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