Shadowpriests’ new threads: Raiments of Sanctification

inv_shoulder_94Today, MMO-Champion released the looks and stats of the various Tier 8 sets. They’re not all there, but at least we can get a sneak peek at what our Tier 8 set will be like. Below a picture and the stats of the 10man version. I will post the 25man version when I can find it. Set bonuses will obviously be the same on both sets.

t8_10_priest_spelldpsValorous Raiments of Sanctification [Robe]

  • +81 Sta, +71 Int
  • Blue and Yellow sockets, socket bonus +6 Crit
  • +54 Haste, +68 Hit, +124 Spellpower

Valorous Pants of Sanctification [Legs]

  • +93 Sta, +76 Int, +52 Spi
  • Red and Yellow sockets, socket bonus +6 Hit
  • +70 Haste, +105 Spellpower

Valorous Circlet of Sanctification [Head]

  • +78 Sta, +7o Int
  • Meta and Red sockets, socket bonus +8 Int
  • +60 Haste, +65 Crit, +105 Spellpower

Valorous Mantle of Sanctification [Shoulder]

  • +48 Sta, +60 Int, +46 Spi
  • Red socket, socket bonus +5 Spellpower
  • +57 Crit, +83 Spellpower

Valorous Handwraps of Sanctification [Hands]

  • +57 Sta, +41 Int, +49 Spi
  • Yellow socket, socket bonus +4 Hit
  • +59 Crit, +92 Spellpower

Set bonuses

  • (2): Increases the damage of your Devouring Plague by 15%
  • (4): Your Mind Blast also gives you 15 Haste rating for until cancelled

Totals (Without gems and socket bonuses)

  • +357 Sta, +318 Int, +147 Spi
  • +68 Hit, +184 Haste, +181 Crit
  • +509 Spellpower
  • Meta socket, Blue socket, 3 Yellow sockets, 2 Red sockets

The 4-piece set bonus is worded very strangely. Taken literally, it would mean that the 15 Haste from casting Mind Blast will last for as long as you do not cancel it. Considering that 15 Haste is a rediculously small bonus, that would make this really not worth it. It’s just like having 15 extra Haste on your gear, except you have to cast Mind Blast to activate it.

Rather, I think that the bonus is applied to Mind Flay instead, making Mind Flay specifically faster without affecting other spells (as it will be cancelled again when you cancel Mind Flay). Even so, for a 4-piece set bonus, it is rather paltry. I’d imagine 30-120 rating, rather, making from 1% to 4% increase in channeling speed at level 80.

But, the set looks good. I like the designs for the tier 8 on average (except for Rogue), and I am glad to see the designs have been gotten some attention to detail.

Ninja Edit: As Nezoia pointed out in this post on MMO_Champion, the following buff is generated by the 4-piece set bonus:  Devious Mind.

Devious Mind increases Haste rating by 240 for 4 seconds.  Which would allow for some snazzy hyper-Mind Flay action. Just saying.


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