Consolidated lists for 3.1

spell_shadow_spectralsightThere is now a consolidated set of lists on MMO-Champion which details all of the Ulduar loot, Tier 8 sets and the new PvP items. Since it is an awful lot of work to make a post on that, when the people at that site do so much work to get it done for us, I am going to put a few links here that lead you straight to the beef.

Tier 8 sets

Ulduar Loot

PvP Gear

Bless their hearts, more to read over the weekend.

On another topic, apologies for my recent decline in posting; as an officer in our guild my main task is to handle complaints, worries and questions, there were a lot of those last week. As we have raided all we can on 10man and can’t seem to hold enough people to consistently do 25mans, some people decided they’d rather join a guild doing 25man content, aggravating the problem. Short and sweet, we’re in a bit of a tight spot with Saga right now, and I am hoping we can pull through relatively unscathed.

Also, a personal issue within the family will occupy my mind for the week to come, and so I will probably post serious stuff again from next week on.

Keep on rocking!


2 Responses to “Consolidated lists for 3.1”

  1. Joetest Says:

    Have you had to sit down and do the ‘What direction we want the guild to go in’ talk yet? Or are things still very clear.

  2. Well, our community was originally founded by people who wanted to raid but were not happy with how raids were organized in our previous community. Our goals are very clear, and that is to run raids with a minimum of drama, posing and pretensions. So far, we have avoided a great deal of that, for which I am happy.

    The problem now is not that the direction is not clear, but that we’d have to expand into 25man raiding to avoid boredom. We’re not a really progress-oriented community, and we cleared all 10man content. Our mains are Naxx-10 geared, and we’ve started alt runs to gear our alts as well (They have gear to run 25mans now as well). Fact remains, it’s nothing new.

    Right now we are examining possibilities of doing 25mans with another community, and forming an alliance. We’ve found a candidate which seems to be on the same page as we are, and this might open up the possibility for 25man raiding, while keeping each community to their own 10mans.

    It’s basically a game of “hang in there until Ulduar”.

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